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Chronicles of a Cum Vampire: Episode 3

*** Warning, this story contains extreme ball busting.***

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Darius stirred in his seat as five black hooded figures were brought into his chamber.  Their handler was a thickly muscled young man, his garb fashioned out of a series of belts and metal rings, and a leather thong stuffed with an obscenely large bulge that shifted from side to side as he walked. From head to toe, his body was covered with coarse black hair, and even his face had a thinly trimmed beard that accented an already strong, square jawline. He was quite a specimen, and something in the way his eyes reflected the flickering candle light have him a feral look. 

The initiates were drawn up in a line and then in one movement, turned as one to face him and pulled back their cowls. Five handsome faces stared back at him.

Darius sat back, pressing against the plush cushions of his high-backed chair.  He took a deep breath, tasting their distinct odors. Each initiate gave off his own scent, a diverse mixture of sweat, blood, testosterone, and semen. 

Then with a slight nod, Darius signaled for Salem to begin.

His servant nodded in reply and stepped before the first initiate.  He touched a single clasp that caused the robes to slip off the boy's shoulders, on to the floor, revealing the tall stud's lean frame and rippled chest.  Darius' sharp eyes regarded the late teen's good looks and snapped down to his manhood, which was ample. 

Salem went down the line until all the initiates were disrobed and their magnificent bodies were revealed.  Both brash and brazen, each boy fit the textbook definition of a college stud.  They knew better than to speak out of turn, but that didn’t stop them from checking out the guy next to them. None of them had anything to be ashamed of, and they knew it – after spending a lifetime of using their good looks to get their way with teachers and coeds alike.

Five naked young men with five sets of young, tasty testicles dangling invitingly between each pair of spread legs stared back at the vampire.   

If he had a heart, Darius would have felt it swell at the sight - but his eagerness wasn't fueled by sexual desire - such human attachments had long been abandoned - but hunger.

Darius' cunning had reached new heights the moment he decided to take over Phi Gamma Delta, the biggest frathouse on campus.  For centuries he'd stalked from one community to the next, picking off a human here or there, before moving on to stalk new prey.  The idea of settling down in one place had never appealed to him, but prospect of having a never-ending supply of fresh, young jock-juice was too enticing to pass up. 

Infiltrating the fraternity had been child's play, and within a week he'd managed to not only remove the chapter president, but to install himself as the de facto leader of the organization without anyone noticing.  Then with the aid of servant Salem - a young werewolf in his thrall, he began glamoring and draining the balls of all the frat boys one by one, but even they could not sate the vampire's hunger.  Before long, Darius began expanding the fraternity's membership rolls with a rash of new boys along with 'secret induction rituals'. What happened during those ceremonies were a mystery to everyone outside the frat, and the occasional disappearance of a boy seemed to fuel the rumors - none of which ever came close to the depravity of the real truth. 

Darius stood up from his thrown.  The sheer strength of his presence seemed to fill the room, commanding all eyes to look upon him.

"Welcome gentleman.  After tonight you will be inducted as full members of Phi Gamma Delta.  I hope you all understand what an honor you are being accorded.  It is an opportunity few are given."  Darius said in a low, raspy voice that sounded like paper tearing as he looked over the five young bucks.  "Tonight, one final test lies before you as initiates."

Darius placed a tall, ornate goblet onto a short pedestal that stood before them.  Despite its tarnish, it appeared to have gold encrusted jewels placed around it.

"Your task is designed to test your commitment to this fraternity and willingness to give something of yourself to make it stronger.  It will also measure your ability to motivate yourselves and your fellow brothers to face adversity overcome it."  Darius hissed like a snake.

"You have one hour to fill this chalice with essence of your seed."

The young man glanced toward one another with looks of surprise and confusion, unsure whether they'd understood.  Then they watched as Salem picked up a large wooden hour-glass in the corner of the room and turned it over.  "Your time begins now,” growled Darius’s second in command.

A few of the guys immediately reached for their cocks and began stroking without hesitation, and a moment later, all five guys were jerking off in front of the cup.  There was no time for asking questions or modesty.

Darius circled the huddled group, his pale, clawed hand slid from one muscular body to the next as the hot youths ferociously worked their members until each was sporting a massive erection.  Part of the screening process for new initiates required the individuals to be well-endowed, and these boys certainly didn't disappoint.  More than once, the vampire had to fight back his natural instincts to snatch one of the hung studs by their big, bloated scrotum and suck them dry until their testicles shriveled up like a pair of raisins. 

A handsome brown haired boy was the first to blow his wad.  He had a short, lean stature, which made his 9 inch uncut dick look obscenely large and out of place on the small body, and two hefty balls that swinging between his legs at a pace that matched his jerking hands. 

"I'm gonna cum," the boy announced suddenly and rushed over to the pedestal, nearly missing the chalice before the first spurt of his sticky boy goo splattered the inside of the golden vessel.

"Oh shit," he cried and adjusted his aim, filling the bottom of the cup with his 'special sauce'.

The moment the first whiff of the boy's fresh cum hit Darius' nostrils was almost intoxicating.  Such young, supple bodies, full of life and just within reach . . .

Seconds later a dark complexioned Italian looking guy standing a few inches away began to moan as he furiously pumped his thick, meaty member.  Darius closed the distance between them in a blink of an eye and ran his bone-white fingers across the hunk's young flesh.  Then the vampire gripped the boy's testicles in his hand and sensed the semen boiling within, and squeezed the delicate orbs.

The stud shivered, as if his body had been blasted with a cold draft air, and he quickly grabbed the chalice off the pedestal and aimed his long dick down into it like a garden hose.

The boy let out another great moan as he emptied the contents of his balls into the vessel.

The vampire's eyes widened at the sight of all that fresh, young cum.

"Yes, good . . . very good."  He managed a grim smile as he continued to massage the Italian stallion's big, heavy nuts.  "I can see you're going to be a valued addition to our brotherhood.  What is your name?"

The dark haired boy grunted as Darius gave his bloated ballsac a firm squeeze.  "Kaylan."  He croaked painfully.

Darius' dark eyes seemed to penetrate into the boys very soul. 

"Well Kaylan, if you continue to show this sort of . . . aptitude, I suspect you shall climb quickly up the ranks of our organization."  He said, roughly fondling the boy's big, beefy nuts a few moments longer before retracting his grip.

"And you?  What is your name?"  Darius was addressing the short brown haired boy who had managed to cum first and was already half way to his second orgasm.

"I'm Caleb."  The boy replied.  It was almost a moan, he was so close to cumming.  He seemed to be enjoying their challenge judging by the energy with which he thrust his hips and gyrated his body.

Darius' gaze became transfixed on the way the hypnotic way the boy's plump twin orbs sailed back and forth, unencumbered between his lean muscular legs.

"Oh God, yes . . . yes, here it comes."  Caleb suddenly inhaled sharply and a look of sublime peace came over his face.  Then his cock sputtered to life, and dumped a second batch of his baby-batter into the chalice.

Darius wiped the rim of the cup where a drop of Caleb's still warm concoction had landed and placed his finger up to his lips.  The boy tasted delicious - a balanced mixture of sweet and savory.  If only the rest of the initiates tasted as good as Caleb, tonight's activities would result in a real feast, indeed.

After the first ten minutes things were looking good.  All the boys had managed to shoot off their first wad and were well on their way to filling the chalice half way, but things quickly began to stagnate.  But by the halfway mark, things hadn't progressed much farther.  While Kaylen was just bagging out his second huge of the night and Caleb was working on his third, the other boys appeared to be falling behind.

Darius had returned to his throne to watch events unfold from a distance while Salem continued made his presence known by occasionally stepping into their midst and checking on the progress of the goblet.

It was quickly becoming apparent to all that they were in trouble.  At this rate, it didn't look like they were going to be able to meet their challenge to fill the cup in the allotted time, the consequences for which would be much more severe then not being admitted into the fraternity.  Now that vampire's hunger had been awoken, he was going to have his meal - one way or another.

Seeing their predicament, though not fully appreciative of the danger that both their lives and gonads were in, Caleb suddenly did something unexpected.

Stopping mid-stroke, he paused to watched as the guy next to him, a cute guy with curly brown hair, was pumping away at his softening cock.  His eyes were closed so tightly in concentration, it looked like he was almost trying to push himself closer to orgasm by sheer strength of will.

Caleb put his arm around the struggling hunk and rubbed his torso.  "Hey there, you need a hand?"

The boy jumped from the sudden intrusion into his personal space.  "No, that's ok.  I've got this."  He replied warily as he continued to pull and tug on his floppy prick.

Caleb bit his lip.  "I'm Caleb.  What was your name again?"

"Dustin,"  the other boy winced as Caleb grabbed his nutsac.

"Ok, relax Dustin.  I'm just trying to help you," Caleb said, gently fondling the cute boy's balls.  "Wow, these suckers feel like they are bursting with cream.  I bet you could fill the rest of that cup up just with these if you wanted too."

Dustin's face turned beat red from the compliment.  "Thanks."

"No seriously, these are some grade-A stud eggs you've got here."  Caleb said with a big reassuring grin as he massaged and rolled the dense orbs around inside Dustin's sac. 

Dustin let out a little sigh as he became more and more comfortable with another dude kneading his tender nut meat.  In practically no time - just a matter of minutes - Caleb's constant ball-play had him hard as a rock once again.

"Harder," he whispered, his eyes were still slits and his head was arched back. His chest was heaving with each new breath.

Caleb grinned and put additional force into his deep ball massage.  Abandoning his one hand technique, he focused all his energy into rubbing, grinding, and squishing the cute, mussy haired boy's bloated gonads for all their worth. 

The handsome teen's young, hot body revved up like a Ferrari, and within seconds he was ready to blow his load.

At that point Caleb decided to take over completely, taking the boy's shaft in one hand and maintaining a slow, teasing pace while continuing to manhandle the poor boy's fat baby-makers. 

Caleb looked up to see that Kaylan was following his lead helping out another initiate.  A few feet away, he was urging on a hot hispanic pledge, tweaking his nipples and rubbing his six-pack abs. 

"Shit, that's gonna make me cum . . . keep doing it . . . faster . . ."  Dustin whispered into the nape of Caleb's neck.  Caleb responded by pumping Dustin's cock faster into his hand while yanking down on his scrotum with several tough, hard yanks.

Dustin let out a low, guttural moan and his body seemed to flex like a stretched rubber band.

"Get the cup, I'm gonna cum . . . hurry I'm cumming!"  Dustin bellowed. 

Caleb just managed to point his dick into the chalice before a thick torrent of white jizz spurted out of his loins. 

It was an orgasm the likes of which few had seen besides the vampire - the kind that seemed capable of rocking buildings off of their foundations.  Dustin's cock just kept spewing splooge, squirt after squirt as Caleb continued to coax and cajole more and more of the gooey stuff out of his over-eager sperm banks.  It seemed to go on forever, but even when it eventually did end, Caleb's fingers remained imbedded into Dustin's poor testicles, digging into the soft fleshy orbs until finally he could take no more and fainted, collapsing to the floor in one big heap and nearly knocking over the pedestal and chalice in the process.

Caleb let out a shout and snatched the cup just before it was about to fall, only daring to breath when he was sure the contents of the chalice hadn't spilled.

“Holy crap, did you guys see that?”  He shouted excitedly.  “I squeezed the cum right out of this guy’s nuts and, PEW!  Did you see how big that load was?  He damn near filled the cup up all on his own.”

“Good thinking!” Kaylan grinned.  He was still standing beside the Latin hunk and rubbing his thick thighs. Then experimentally, he reached out and gave the stud's meaty nuts a gentle tap.

The stud grunted and coughed, but it was unmistakable.  His dick had grown harder.

“Shit, you’re right, it works!” Kaylan exclaimed as he began tapping the hunk’s beefy ballsac in earnest, smacking the heavy orbs back and forth, this way and that, like a cat playing with a toy.

The stud groaned, clearly unhappy to find his nuts on the receiving end of Kaylan's persistent slaps, but he managed to take the abuse unflinchingly and continued to work his cock until it became a hard, rigid pole.

 "Bring that thing over here, we're gonna need it in a minute.  Antonio here looks like he could blow any second now!"  Kalyan grinned and snapped his fingers into the poor hunk's heavy danglers. 

"Ughhhh!"  The hot Latino flinched.

Caleb did as he was asked and lowered the chalice in position as Antionio pumped his meat harder and harder into his fist.  "Come on man, lets finish this.  Bust that nut so we can end this!"  Caleb shouted enthusiastically.

Antionio didn't respond.

"Yeah buddy, let go of that load."  Kaylan grinned, tapping his fingers into the big stud's plump nuts.  "Quit stalling and give it to us already!"

Antonio's face tightened and he let out a groan.  He was close, but Kaylan's playful little nut-taps were now turning into full-fledged, ball-jarring slaps.

"I can't cum if you keep smacking me in the balls like that!"  Antonio squealed as his juicy plums were flattened again and again against Kaylan's large hand.

"You better, cause I'm not stopping until you shoot!"  Kaylan replied, with a particularly nasty punch that rammed into both of the Latin stud's cahones.

Antonio moaned and tried to grab his balls, but not before Kaylan's fist smashed its way into his big, loose scrotum a second time. 

Antonio cringed and held his balls, his cock twitching violently as the first jet of cum sailed into chalice.

Caleb and Kaylan grinned at one another as jet after jet of creamy sperm came flying out of Antonio's cock, filling the chalice nearly to the brim with his love-juice.

"We did it!  Look, it's full!  We competed the task!"  Caleb shouted joyfully and hugged the two naked boys in front of him.

Salem stepped forward and peered into the cup.  Then he glanced at his master, and then gave the boys a grave look.  "The challenge was to fill the vessel - in it's entirety." 

Kaylan, Caleb and Antonio shook their heads in disbelief.  There was still a thin ring of gold visible just below the rim of the cup.

"Do not delay, the end of the hour draws near," Salem added, gesturing to the hour glass.

Caleb looked dejected along with his fellow initiates.  How could they make it this far, only to fail in the end? 

His fellow initiates were staring back at him with the same dejected expression on their faces.  Then suddenly, he realized that there had been five of them when they'd started, but one of them was missing now.  He turned around, scanning the darkened room until he saw the thin blond hunk cowering in the corner.  He was holding his dick in his hand, which looked small, shriveled and limp.

"Hey you, come over here, we need your help!"  Caleb called over to him.

The tall boy shuffled toward them slowly, like a child who had been caught and was returning home to receive his punishment.

"We're almost out of time, but we just need a little more from you and we're in!  Caleb said, shoving the chalice in the boy's face.

The boy ran his hands through his strawberry-blond hair as he gently stroked his flaccid cock and shook his head.  "I'm sorry, I would if I could man, honestly, but I think I'm all tapped out."

Caleb and Kaylan gave the boy an incredulous look.  "It's alright, we can help . . ." 

"No, erhm, it's alright, I -"  Before he could get out another word, the two boys were on top of him, bearing him down to the floor.

"Grab his arms - hold him, hold him!  I've got his legs."  Caleb barked as he seized control of the boy's manhood before he knew what hit him.

"There's no point in fighting it man.  We just want to make sure we get into the frat."  Antonio croaked from a few feet away, still nursing his bruised manhood.

"You know him?"  Kaylan asked, holding down a flailing pair of arms.

"Sure, that's Josh, my roommate from first semester."  Antonio replied.  "Didn't know he was pledging until I saw him here tonight."

"Now just lay back and relax, we'll take care of everything."  Caleb was whispering as gently cupped the blond stud's balls and began jerking his dick.  He was getting quite good at this, and despite his soft start, Josh was showing wood in a matter of minutes. 

Kaylan glanced at the hour glass and frowned.  "Come on man, you've got to hurry up, we're almost out of time."

"I know, and I don't need the pressure right now."  Caleb whispered urgently.  He took one look at the hour glass and then bent down and slid the blond stud's cock into his mouth.

Josh grunted in surprise, but the warm wetness of Caleb's mouth felt amazing - and his dick practically hardened instantly, and after only a few more minutes, he was moaning and ready for release. 

Caleb worked to the last second, sucking and slurping away until he felt the other boy's dick become rock hard in his mouth.  Then when he felt his balls pull up against the base of his shaft, he pulled away just in time and managed to point the rapid firing cock into the chalice.

Josh's hips bucked and dick convulsed, twitching violently as a thin, clear stream slowly trickled down the length of his shaft - none of which landed in the cup.

"What the hell man?  All that and you're firing off blanks?"  Caleb spat.

"Shit, I should have known."  Antonio, who was hovering just above them suddenly piped up.

"Known what?"  Kaylan asked.

"Josh here is what some might call, a serial masturbator.  He was always jerking off, day and night, can't tell you how many times I caught him in our room."

"Yeah, so?"  Kaylan pressed.

"So, on a good day he's probably walking around half empty as it is."

"So what?  Are you offering to make another deposit?"

"Hell no, I just about rubbed my dick raw.  I'm just saying. . ."

"What, that there's no hope?"  This time Caleb piped up.  "Well, you're wrong.  Josh here is going to help us make our challenge, one way or another."

The malice in his voice was unmistakable.

Frightened, Josh panicked and tried to bolt, but Kaylan and Antonio were already on top of him and pinned him down with their weight.

"Hold him, this could get messy."  There was a wicked grin on Caleb's face as he scooped up the blond's soft, hairy nutsac and drove his fist directly into the two fat orbs. 

The impact of bone on balls made a sad CRUNCH.

Josh screamed.  His arms and legs flailed violently trying to break free of his captors as big, proud nuts were pounded mercilessly by the smaller boy's fist.  First a dozen, then two dozen - strike after strike hammered into the blond stud's softening sac until his wails filled the chamber.

"Come on, you selfish prick.  Give it up!  I swear to God I'll pound your balls to mush if I have to."  Caleb cried as he hammered the trapped boy's gonads with ruthless efficiency, until his scrotum was bright red and his balls had swollen up to nearly twice their normal size.

Kaylan and Antonio watched frozen in horror as Caleb grabbed Josh's nuts and squeezed them like a mad man, forcing some of the frothy jism to ooze out through the bulbous end of his soft penis.

Caleb grabbed the chalice and let Josh's stolen spunk drip into the cup.  It was a slow, excruciating process, and the cum began turning more and more pink over time, until finally - SQUICK!  Josh's big left nut caved in on itself and dumped a bucketload of cum into the chalice and overfilled it to the brim.

The room suddenly went silent, expect for Caleb's heavy panting.  Everyone's eyes were glued to Josh's half-ruined sac and the overflowing goblet of cum in Caleb's hand.

Then Darius stood up from his thrown slowly and began to clap slowly.  The sound was eerie and hollow, and gave the boys goose-bumps.

"Well done my sons, well done! You've successfully completed your final test.  At this time tomorrow evening, you shall be inducted into the brotherhood and earned the right to become full members of Phi Gamma Delta."

Caleb didn't move, he just kept staring at Josh's still body.

Salem reached down, taking the chalice and presented it to his master, who promptly swallowed the thick white mixture in one long gulp, the energies that they imbued began radiating throughout his body.

The boys stared, speechless.

Darius savored the mild, alkaline flavor of the combined boy’s spunk.  Then when the moment passed, he turned to his servant.

"Remove them from my chamber, and bring in the next group."  Darius commanded coldly.

"Yes, my Master."  Salem bowed.

"And leave the boy," Darius added, gesturing toward the passed-out strawberry blond stud laid out on the floor.  "I may get hungry while you're gone.

Salem nodded and bowed once more.  Then he gathered the four remaining initiates and lead them out of the chamber in single file.  None of them spoke or dared to look back at their fallen comrade and hurried away from the vampire's foreboding presence. 

- The incoming pledge class. -

- Collection time for the initiates. -


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