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Glee Presents: The Ball Busters of William McKinley High

Finn looked nervous as he sat alone on Rachel's bed waiting for her to return. The room was brightly colored, and filled with posters from Broadway musicals.

He was there because they were supposed to be practicing for their glee club assignment for that week, but Finn had something else in mind. Over the last few months he'd come to realize that breaking up with Rachel had been a mistake, and he intended to win back her heart. The only problem was that Rachel didn't seem to want him back, so, he used the only thing he thought that might still bring them back together - and that was singing.

Obviously concerned with Finn's motives, Rachel made it perfectly clear before he came over that singing was the only thing that they would be doing together. Still, Finn was holding out hope that he might convince her to give him another chance, if only there was something he could do to prove his love to her.

Rachel returned with two bottles of water and handed one to him. "Here, you want to keep hydrated while we practice. It'll help keep your vocal chords from tightening up." She said smiling.

Finn took the bottle and nodded. "Thanks."

There was an awkward pause.

"So, should we get started?" Rachel said, flipping through a stack of sheet music.

"Rachel, hold on. Before we get started, I wanted to talk to you about something." Finn said.

"Ok," Rachel said putting down the stack of papers and sat next to him on the bed. "What is it?"

"Well, uh, you know . . . I've had a lot of time to think about what went wrong between you and me, and I think . . . I think we should get back together." Finn blurted out.

Rachel sighed and shook her head. "Finn, we've been over this. Even if I do still have feelings for you, which I'm not saying I do - I need to focus on my career . . . my future."

"I know, but Rachel . . . I think I love you . . . and, well, I don't care what I have to do, so long as I get to be part of your life." Finn's smile was dazzling.

Rachel huffed and shrugged. "Finn, I - I'm sorry. I just don't think that I, or we, are ready to get back into a relationship."

"You're wrong, and I'm going to prove it to you!" Finn jumped off the bed and got down on one knee. "Ask me anything! Name it, and I'll do it!"

"Stop it Finn!" Rachel shouted. "I know what you want, but I just can't be that person right now, don't you understand?"

"Yeah, I guess." Finn sighed. "It still doesn't change the way I feel about you."

Rachel nodded. "Fine. For now though, I think we should focus on practicing for our assignment."

"Sure, ok." Finn said, rising up onto his feet. "What song did you pick out for us?"

"Well, Mr. Schuester told us we had to pick something epic from the 70's, so I thought we should do something big and grandiose."

"Right, so what did you settle on?" Finn asked.

Rachel got up, walked over to her desk. "Well, I thought, what could be more epic then the BeeGees, you know, in their prime. So, you and I are going to play their classic, 'Stayin' Alive.' It's going to knock everybody's socks off!"

Finn looked surprised. "Rachel, I don't know if this is the best song for us. You may be able to hit those notes, but I don't think I can."

"We haven't even tried, and already you're shooting down my idea?" Rachel scowled.

"No, no of course not." Finn backpedaled. "You're right, let's give it a shot."

Rachel smiled once again and hit the play button on her iPod. In an instant, the beginning cords of 'Stayin' Alive' began blasting from her stereo speakers. Soon Rachel's rich, powerful voice started belting out the melody. It was odd hearing Barry Gibb's part coming out from a girl, but Finn's head bopped with the beat anyway and joined in on the chorus.

Rachel stopped the track and shook her head. "Something's not right. The lead vocal needs to be a man."

"Are you kidding me? I can't sing falcetto!" Finn replied incredulously. "I have a hard enough time with the midrange vocals!"

Rachel took a deep breath. "Finn, I know you can do it, you just need to believe in yourself."

Then she hit play once again and the song started anew. When Finn started, his voice was thin and strained, and well off key. "You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk. Music loud and women -"

'Click.' Rachel shut off the player.

Finn huffed. "See, I told you. It's too far out of my range."

Rachel clicked her fingernail against her teeth. "Well, maybe there's something we can try."

"What?" Finn asked.

"Well, it's an old stage-craft technique male actors and singers use when they need to improve their vocal range." Rachel said, staring down at the floor.

"Cool, let’s try it." FInn said enthusiastically.

Rachel bit her lip. "It's a little unorthodox."

"That's fine." Finn nodded. "What is it?"

Rachel had a hard time looking into his eyes. "Well . . . it's easier just to show you, actually."

"Uh, ok." Finn smiled.

Rachel cleared her throat. Then she walked over to where Finn was standing and gave him a timid smile. Finn towered over her by at least a foot.

He smiled down at her reassuringly.

Rachel cleared he throat again. Then she took a deep breath, and plunged her hand down the front of Finn's jeans.

Finn's mouth dropped open from shock as Rachel reached in and started rummaging around his underwear. It happened so quickly, he didn't have time to react, but the moment he felt Rachel's fingers brush against his dick, he felt it stiffen in response.

Rachel's eyebrows pricked up when she felt the chubby forming in Finn's pants, but quickly discarded the thickening phallus and scooped up Finn's tightly packed ballsack. The orbs inside felt warm, fat, and firm.

Finn inhaled sharply as she caressed his dangling fruit, and repositioned her hand to get a better grip.

"What are you doing?" Fin asked, looking startled.

"Helping," Rachel replied. "Boy's voices drop when they reach puberty because something in their testicles tells them too."

Finn nodded his head nervously, not sure of where she was going with this.

"When a boy gets hit down there, the signal gets disrupted temporally - and the muscles in his throat and abdomen constrict, which typically results in his voice jumping up an octave!"

Finn's eyes became as large as hen's eggs. "What are you saying? If you kick me in the nads hard enough, I'll be able to sing soprano?"

"Precisely!" Rachel said in a sing-songy voice.

"Oh, God . . . Rachel, I don't think Mr. Schuester would want us trying something like that." Finn said nervously as he considered that his reproductive future was resting snugly in Rachel's grasp.

Rachel's brow narrowed and Finn was sure that he felt her grasp on his nuts close just a little bit tighter.

"What do you mean? Weren't you the same guy who was kneeling on my floor five minutes ago, claiming that he'd do anything to make me happy?" Rachel asked.

"Well, yeah, sure, but I never . . ."

"What, was that a lie?" Rachel huffed.

"No, I meant I swear, I just . . ."

"Just what?" Rachel pressed.

"I don't know, I just never expected you'd ask for something this . . . odd." Finn shifted his stance, but it was hard to do with Rachel's hand locked around his manhood.

"What if I told you I'd consider going back out with you if you showed me a little cooperation here?" Rachel finally asked.

Finn pondered the question for a moment before answering.

"I guess I'd say that I'd be willing to try out your, um . . . technique." Finn replied.

"Ok, great. It's a deal!" Rachel squealed enthusiastically. "Let’s start out with something simple. How about scales?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

"Ok, let’s start together with middle C." Rachel smiled, "Ahhhhhhh," she sang, holding the note.

Rachel's perfect C was soon joined in by Finn, and once he'd matched his pitch and tone, she went on to the next note, and then the next. The first five were no trouble for Finn, but the moment they moved on to 'A', Finn's voice began to quiver. When they got to B, his voice got even more unstable. That was when Rachel decided to really tighten her grip on Finn's valuables for the first time.

Finn coughed as he felt his balls squish between Rachel's fingers and he bent forward. There was no point trying to cup his nuggets, seeing as they were well within the young diva's grasp, and he ended up just gripping the edges of his jeans and forced himself to match Rachel's note. When he finally managed it, Rachel moved on to the next, Finn's voice faltered again, and once again, Rachel tightened her grasp on his plump nuggets until he managed to match the note.

On and on this went, and while Rachel sang higher and higher notes, her fingers dug in harder and deeper into Finn's big, meaty balls until finally she reached the peak of her range, a high F.

Finn was sweating from the exertion. The pressure being put on not only his vocal, but also his ball cords was immense and he was starting to feel nauseous. Each new tug on his poor nuggets set a shudder down his spine and his teeth chattered, but try as hard as he might, he just couldn't reach Rachel's F.

Rachel squeeze, ground, and kneaded Finn's ballsack with unbridled determination, but none of it seemed to make a difference. Finn's voice wasn't budging.

Finn's body recoiled under the assault to his manhood and his voice gave out, but Rachel wasn't ready to quit. Suddenly, she shifted tactics, no longer bothering with both of Finn's testicles, she decided to focus on just one and drove her thumb toward the center of the plum.

Finn felt his legs wobble as Rachel drilled deep into his poor left nut, and Finn let out a high-pitched scream that shattered well above the F Rachel was singing.

Rachel's excitement grew as she bore down on the trapped gonad, squeezing for all it's worth as Finn's shrill voice cut through the air.

Luckily for Finn, his air supply gave out well before his nut did, and he collapsed in a pile of limbs down on the floor. Sore, and exhausted, but still intact.

Rachel clapped her hands and jumped in the air.

"Finn, that was amazing!" She cheered. "I can't believe how well that worked! Can we do that again? I want to record it this time!"

Finn made an intelligible groan as he shifted and cupped his groin. The thought of opening up his manhood to more of the same torture made him gag and he rolled over on to his side. Chicks always had a way of making life more complicated, but why did he have to fall for the biggest ball buster in school?

- Finn is played by Cory Monteith and Rachel is played by Lea Michele -


Across town, in the Frabre residence:

As the new hot couple at William McKinley High, Quinn and Sam are spending some alone time together at Quinn's house. With her mother gone for the afternoon, Quinn brought Sam up to her parent's bedroom and the two quickly began making out. As the kissing grew in intensity, so did their hormones, and soon they were panting and out of breath.

Quinn pulled back from Sam and felt her heart was racing. She liked Sam, maybe even loved him, but it was too soon to tell. What she did know was that she liked the way his big, cherry lips felt when they locked around hers.

Instead of continuing the kiss, Quinn settled next to Sam and wrapped her hands around his shoulders as she began to blow softly into his ear.

Sam closed his eyes and smiled. "That feels really good."

Quinn smiled. "Good, it's supposed to." She said, bending closer, she nibbled on the corner of his ear.

Sam inhaled sharply and pulled her close.

"What's that?" Quinn asked abruptly.

"What's what?" Sam asked, confused.

Quinn pulled back and grabbed the hard lump that had formed in Sam's jeans. "Do you have an erection?" She asked.

Sam smiled sheepishly. "Oh yeah, that."

"Right, this." Quinn said, as she pulled on the 17 year-old's swollen love-rod.

"Sorry about that, I guess you just got me really excited." Sam replied candidly.

"Is that so?" She asked, as she twisted her hands around his hard-on playfully.

"Ooo." Sam moaned. "Yeah, and if you're not careful with that, it might just go off."

"Tisk, tisk. That won't do." Quinn clucked her tongue as she shook her head. She'd already gotten pregnant once, and she wasn't going to let it happen again.

To Sam's surprise, Quinn suddenly reached down and began undoing his belt. His eyes went wide and he wondered if he was about to get lucky as Quinn's tiny fingers worked the clasp to his jeans, and before he knew it, she'd peeled his jeans halfway down his thighs and was grabbing his rigid pole through his flimsy boxer shorts.

Sam inhaled deeply, unsure of what to do as his girlfriend continued rummaging around in his underwear - but his hopes were quickly cut short, once Quinn, having found what she was searching for, suddenly planted her knee hard between the blond jock's legs.

Sam threw his head back and moaned.

"What was that for?" He moaned in a hoarse whisper.

Quinn shrugged her shoulders and shot him a trite smile. "It's an old trick I learned back during my time as chairperson of the celibacy club."

"Celibacy, or infertility?" He groaned through clenched teeth, almost mockingly. His cute face screwed up in pain. With her kneecap still buried between his thighs, Sam's balls had no where to go but get crunched under Quinn's slender body.

Quinn shook her head. "I used it on Finn all the time and it worked like a charm!"

"Really?" Sam grimaced from his own discomfort and shook his head. "Poor guy," he whispered as he inhaled again.

"Don't be such a baby, you'll be fine." Quinn replied as she twisted her knee harder between Sam's trembling legs. The sharp turn elicited another gasp from the cute blond boy lying beneath her, followed by a long protracted moan.

"Ugh, God . . . I don't think my boys can keep up with much more of this." Sam glanced down at Quinn's leg grinding against his manhood and then threw his head back and blinked the tears out of his eyes.

"Just relax," Quinn said warmly, brushing his bangs out of his hair.

"It's hard to do that with your kneecap crushing my family jewels. How much longer are you going to keep this up?" Sam asked, glancing down at Quinn's leg grinding against his manhood.

"I don't know, until that boner in your shorts drops, I guess. For Finn that usually meant about ten seconds, and Puck, well – let’s just say that he lasted much longer." Quinn said. Sam didn't like the way her voice trailed off when she mentioned Puck's name.

"Yeah, well, maybe it's time to try another tactic and invest in a condom?" Sam said pointing down, his eyes were nearly slits and his teeth were clenched through the pain.

Quinn looked down and to her surprise saw that instead of deflating, his erection had only got larger, with a wet ring of precum staining his boxers around the crown of his dick. Quinn lifted her knee and fired it back into Sam's vulnerable crotch.


"Oh, no!"

Then again.


And again.


Sam moaned in agony as his cock rose to its full height and tented his boxers.

Quinn pulled both her legs together, and, relying on her gymnastic abilities she'd developed as a Cherio, she sunk both knees directly into her boyfriend's ballsack.

Sam threw his head back and yodeled as pain exploded from his nuts. At the same time, thick, white baby-batter was churning out of his dick at an alarming rate, and soon his boxers were filled with the stuff, creating an awfully, sticky mess.

Quinn's face screwed up with a look of disgust as she felt her legs became coated with the dirty, wet boy juice. She leapt off the bed and ran into the bathroom for a towel, only to return to find her boyfriend, past out on her mother's bed and covered in his own filth.

- Sam is played by Chord Overstreet and Quinn is played by Dianna Agron -


At the same time, in Lauren Zizes' Bedroom:

Puck was standing in the middle of the bedroom with a confused look on his face. He was full clothed in his McKinely High football uniform, tight white leggings and a red jersey with 20 printed on the front and back, minus the helmet. He felt like an idiot. Lauren had given him strict instructions without any details, and here they were.

"I still don't know what I'm doing here like this." He said, shifting his stance uncomfortably as Lauren studied him from her bed. She'd watched him for nearly a minute now, and Puck was starting to get self-conscious. Then Lauren rose from the bed and sauntered over to him.

"I like the way you look in your under-armor," she said. She looked like she might devour him with her eyes.

Puck smirked and crossed his arms. "Oh, is that so?" He asked with a big grin.

"Shut up, and just stand there." Lauren cut him off, and she grabbed his toned, muscular arms and squeezed his biceps. Puck grinned and made sure to flex for her, but Lauren had already moved on, sliding her hand across his shoulder and body armor, down to his flat stomach. Puck knew he was cut, but clenched his abdomen to make sure she could feel the bumps of his abs.

Lauren then stared down at the visible bulge in Puck's white pants as she wrapped the drawstrings around her fingers. Lauren lifted her gaze and her eyes narrowed. "You're not wearing a cup, are you?"

"No way, babe! You told me not to, that's all me down there." Puck smiled again and slowly thrust his hips.

"Good." Lauren said, with a smile that was barely detectable. Then she reached down and grabbed a hand full of his manhood.

Puck's heart jumped. After months of chasing after her, he was finally getting somewhere with Lauren Zizes! But his joy was short-lived and he took in a short, shallow breath as Lauren tightened her grip and his nuts were mashed between her thick, muscular fingers. His mouth dropped open and he looked at Lauren with confusion in his eyes.

Lauren twisted and pulled the bulge in Puck’s shorts, making him gasp, and then pulled him so close that their faces nearly touched. "I'm not looking for a boyfriend, Puck. I want a man . . . with balls. You’ve already proved that yours work when you knocked up that tooth-pick blond beauty queen, Fabre. Now it's time to find out if they're tough enough to be with me!"

Puck began to squirm under Lauren's grip, which only grew tighter as she spoke. When she let go, he bent forward with his hands on his knees and he coughed - but he should have been paying attention to Lauren, who was already rearing her foot back.

Pain exploded out of Puck's groin as Lauren's boot went crashing straight into his balls. He grit his teeth and his chest heaved as he tried to work through the agony, but that plan was thrown out the window the moment Lauren fired a second, more powerful kick square into his nuts.

Puck groaned and his hand flew between his legs as he fell down onto his knees. His eyes were closed shut and his strong, usually cocky face was twisted in pain.

"Come on, big boy! You can handle more than that!" She said gruffly as she picked Puck up by his arms. Puck's feet were wobbly and he leaned on Lauren for support. "There, you see?" Lauren smiled, before ramming her large knee up between Puck's legs and smashed his balls again.

"Ohhh." Puck groaned as he slid down to the floor in agony.

Lauren put her hands on her hips and grinned at the fallen stud. "I've got to say Puckerman, you sure do have a nice pair of stones." She leaned down so that her face was only inches away from his, "but I want a man with iron-cast nuts." Then she punched him in the dick, just for good measure.

Puck moaned again even louder.

"Ugh, I'm sorry . . . if you give me a few minutes and let me catch my breath, I'll be good to go." Puck said wincing.

Lauren shook her head and smiled. "Sorry, but I'm not the waiting type."

Puck's head dropped between his shoulder pads and he groaned.

Lauren smirked. She couldn't believe it, but he actually looked even cuter when he felt dejected.

Puck's crotch was on fire, so it took him a few seconds to realize that Lauren was undoing the strings to his football pants. "What are you doing?" He said dryly. His mouth felt as devoid of water as the Sahara.

"Making sure that you're still capable of satisfying me after taking the beating I just gave you." Lauren said matter-of-factly.

Puck didn't believe his ears, but before he knew it, Lauren had pulled open his football pants and extracted his manhood out of his under-armor. His cock, a legend at William McKinley and over 8 inches long when fully erect, was pulsating hard as Lauren pressed his pink, swollen nutsac between her thick fingers.

Puck's body bucked and he moaned as Lauren worked his meaty member, up and down in long, hard tugs. In less then two minutes, his cock was hard as a rock, and primed to go.

"Get ready Puckerman, I'm going to pull every last drop of cum out of you." Lauren said as she ground his nuts tirelessly against the palm of her hand.

Puck's balls were sore as hell, but the dirty talk was so hot, he felt his body cease up in anticipation for the flood that was about to come.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah." Puck whispered and his cock strained as a fat jet of cum burst out from it's head and splattered his face. The deluge seemed to go on and on, until finally the big stud's dick softened and his jersey was covered in his own love-juice. Still, Lauren continued to pump her fists until Puck's penis felt raw and was thoroughly drained.

Puck panted, as the last trails of the most amazing orgasm of his life finally subsided. "Holy shit." He stammered.

Lauren shrugged her shoulders and stood up, wiping her hands on her jeans. Then she threw him a sweatshirt he'd let her borrow. "Here, clean yourself up and go on home. I've got an early start tomorrow."

Puck couldn't believe what had just happened to him, or the fact that he was suddenly being kicked out.


"But nothing, Puckerman. Out." Lauren said, pointing to the door.

Puck shook his head, still looking dumbfounded. Then, using his own sweatshirt, he mopped up most of the spluge from his face and chest, before standing up and stuffing his tackle back into his shorts.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" He asked, sounding incredibly vulnerable.

"I don't know, maybe - we'll see. I don't want you smothering me." Lauren replied dismissively.

Puck looked dejected and frowned. "Oh, ok . . . goodnight."

Lauren didn't bother to reply and watched as he closed the door behind him.

- Mark Salling plays Puck, and Ashley Fink -


Alex said...

Fantastic story! Episode 2 is my favourite. Really great work!

bbmal said...

Thanks Alex, that's quite a compliment coming from you sir! I like the Sam and Quinn pair too. I don't know, but there might be another story in it for the two of them.

Anonymous said...

This is Reg. That's an awesome 3 part story. I'm intrigued to find out if you plan to connect the dots further. As you can imagine, part 3 was my favourite but all were great. Good job.

bbmal said...

Thanks Reg! I'm still not sure if I'm going to progress with this one, or let it be a one time thing. I'll probably add to it if there's enough of a demand - or, if the mood strikes me, but I don't have any immediate plans at the moment.

If anyone has a suggestion for future Glee stories, please speak up!

bbsuzie said...

great story, especially chord overstreet's! please please write one about Matthew Morrison being ballbusted next