Friday, July 15, 2011

Busting the Young Stud at Work: The Final Update

Hello all! As promised, here is the last busting experience I had with 'Justin', the young stud at my job from a few months back. Unfortunately, he took another job in the company and is moving out of the area, and though we are still friends, it's unlikely there will be any more ball busting between the two of us - well, at work at least! Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Justin was looking hot today. Not to say he didn't normally look good, but he'd just gotten his hair cut, and his face was relatively smooth which meant he'd actually shaved in the last 36 hours. As usual, he was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and a pair of his nicer jeans that showed of the bulge below his belt rather well - and as usual, I wanted to bust what was dangling inside . . . hard.

The two of us had been working on the same project for two months now and things were going well. Most weeks we ended up going out for a drink Friday night, and a few times we even stayed late after everyone was gone and had a few beers in the office. He was a good guy, and the potential to be a great friend, but none of that seemed to squelch my desire to bust his balls. I thought about it all the time, brought it up into conversation whenever I thought I could, hell, I was even dreaming about it! But sadly, Justin didn't seem to have anything but a passive interest in ball busting. Like most guys his age, he looked at it more as a joke or prank to play on friends, and despite my desire to push things further, I knew it would only damage our friendship. Still, Justin was looking hot, so if fate was going to give me a chance to bust his fresh, 22-year-old plums, then I was going to take it!

Justin must have been able to tell that I was in a good mood that day, which he usually took that as his cue to bust my ass. I made sure to shoot back a few sarcastic remarks of my own, which I knew would only feed his fire, but Justin's cocky attitude only made him seem hotter and more deserving to get his nuts crunched.

My first attempt was aborted when we were alone in the storage cabinet. Justin was standing next to me as I was reaching for the top shelf when he cracked a searing remark about me getting old and needing supervision. I can't remember my retort, but my eyes narrowed as I looked back at him while he laughed. I glanced down at his crotch and huffed. If my hand had been above my head, they would have damn sure been between his legs, crushing the life out of his nuts.

I grinned at the thought and grabbed what I was looking for off the shelf.

It was out of the question for the moment. My hands were full and there was a very good shot that he'd block my blow, ruining my chance to bust him. Instead, I handed him the box and the two of us headed down the hall, back to our work space.

Perhaps Justin thought that he had pulled one over on me, proceeded to chat me up about what a stud he was, pausing only to hurl a few jibes my way now and then. Even his walking had turned slightly more confident, more of a saunter then a stride.

I exhaled slowly and checked the corridor for coworkers, but as usual it was sparse at this time of night, and we were alone. The last time I'd wanted to bust the cocky stud, I'd been in the wrong position and my hands were full, but this time the tables had been turned now that Justin was carrying the box of parts.

I took a moment to size up the situation. It was nearly perfect - no one around and easy access to his groin - the only problem was that Justin was holding the box a bit too low for me to see my target - but then, the bulge in his jeans was so big, I doubted I could miss.

"Good thing you've got me around to carry this for you, I wouldn't want you pulling your back." Justin quipped. The grin on his face was confident and arrogant.

"Is that right?" I answered, my hand was already closing in a fist and I swung it into his crotch. Justin stopped in his tracks and lifted one of his legs up reflexively as my hand made contact with denim - but his lack of reaction made it obvious that I had some how missed my intended targets.

"Woah, easy there bro, I was only joking." He said, suddenly seriously.

I shot him a grin and shook my head, and we kept walking.

A moment later we were both chuckling.

Our truce, however, didn't end long, and by the time we reached our workspace, Justin had thrown another sarcastic comment my way, which was reciprocated by another punch aimed after his precious baby-makers. Sadly, he was expecting it, so once again, I missed my mark.

Justin placed the box onto the bench in our area and took one of the bags filled with component parts out. Having never opened one of them before, he pulled and tore at the plastic for a few seconds before he lifted the bag up to his mouth tried to rip the corner open with his teeth.

"Hold on there hot-shot." I said taking the bag away from him and pulled at the bag along the perforated line in the center. The bag opened easily and I smiled, handing it back. "It's a lot easier if you use your head."

Justin took the opened back and smiled back sheepishly. Then, as he repositioned his hands around the bag, one of the small pieces of plastic fell out and tumbled to the floor in front of his feet.

"Hold on, I'll get it." I said, bending down instinctively. Justin was a good worker, but clumsy at times, and he was more likely to drop the rest of the bag trying to pick up the fallen piece.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly.

I nodded, but when I looked up, I discovered Justin's big, bulging package was directly at my eye level.

Despite all the glances I'd stollen of Justin's crotch, I'd never gotten this close of a view. For the most part, his jeans looked pretty loose, but around his crotch the fit was a bit more snug where the cotton draped across a very conspicuous bulge.

Over the last few months, I'd discovered Justin was a boxers guy - initially via my own reconnaissance during his lean back and stretch maneuvers, which was later when confirmed during one of our late-night conversations. Unless he had a sock stuffed down there, It meant that the bulge in his pants was all Justin.

The thought made my heart skip a beat.

It also meant that his nuts would be most likely hanging down, near the base of that bulge.

My heart skipped another beat.

This was the best setup I'd been giving since the first time I drilled my fist into his nuts a few weeks back, and there was no way I was going to pass up such a juicy opportunity to do it again!

My initial thought was to punt Justin, right in his young, pretentious balls, but that thought was overtaken when I imagined what it might feel like to get ahold of his knackers and give them a good thorough squeezing.

I discounted the thought almost immediately when I realized how hard it would be to pull off, given his choice of attire, and how poorly it would be received on his end. It was bad enough that I was busting this poor kid's balls just to get my rocks off, I wasn't about to detonate our friendship and make him feel weird about it too!

In the end, I took the safe way out, and as I made my move to stand back up, I cocked my fist back and sunk my upper-cut directly into his groin.

At the moment of impact, I knew I'd gotten him good. I watched his crotch flattened and felt his balls crunch as my fist came up from underneath and rammed them hard into his body.

Justin groaned as if someone had just kicked him in the gut and his lungs began spilling air. He dropped the bag he was holding, doubled over and clutched - what I imagined to be - his throbbing testicles.

"Dude, what's wrong with you? That's not even how you play the game, that's just being an asshole." His eyes were squinting and his handsome face was a mask of pain.

I couldn't help but chuckle. My uppercut to his big, precious jewels must have been dead on because he was really moaning loud.

"I'm sorry man, when I bent down I got a clear shot and I had to take it." I tried to explain and still laughing, but my feeling of euphoria was suddenly interrupted as the back of Justin's hand snapped into my own groin and pain exploded from my right testicle.

It'd been a long time since I'd been busted, and I was surprised by how much it hurt, but I managed to keep laughing and grabbed my own nuts, protectively. It wasn't that great of a shot and though intense - the pain went away almost immediately; though it did give me a taste of the torment Justin was feeling just below the belt in those designer jeans.

I sat down in a chair and watched Justin pace back and forth. He kept squirming and grabbing his groin, going from being hunched over to sitting on the floor and back again, all the while holding on to his battered balls in a feeble attempt to ease ease the discomfort.

It may sound evil to admit, but the more I saw him groan and caress his manhood, the more proud I felt. Granted, I'd been given a nice clear shot, but I'd put pretty close to 90% into that punch and it felt good to know that I'd pwned him good. Lol, if it had been a movie, the moment my fist drove into his balls would have been accompanied by the sound of nut shells cracking!

At one point he moaned, "I'm going to kick you square in the head as soon as I'm able."

The threat made me chuckle, seeing how he made it from the floor while still holding his quivering manhood.

"Don't worry buddy, you already got me back." I said, gently rubbing his crotch.

That seemed to appease him, and the two of us went back to nursing our bruised nuggets.

Another minute or two passed before I was back up and feeling fine, despite a slight sting in my right testicle, but Justin was still hunched over on the floor. Then he stood up and jumped a few inches off the ground. Then he did it again, and then again a moment after that.

"Dude, you ok?" I asked, a bit perplexed.

"Sometimes jumping up and down helps after you get hit, you know, because your balls sort of get sucked up into your body." He replied between jumps.

"Oh, I never heard of that." I said looking back at him looking a bit confused. I couldn't help but watch the big bulge in his jeans fly up and down or imagine the turmoil going on inside his underwear as his testicles bounced along with the rest of his body.

"Is it helping?" I asked, after a few more jumps.

"No, not really." He replied, stopping suddenly and frowning.

Justin grabbed his crotch and sat in a chair next to me. I chuckled when he threw his head back and moaned.

"Ugh, I swear to God dude . . ." he groaned, his hands still caressing his wounded pride.

"What's the problem there stud?" I asked sarcastically.

Justin blinked. " I swear, if your hands ever come near my nuts again, I'm going to ruin your chances of having children."

I chuckled at his boastful threat. "Oh yeah? What, like this?" I asked, as I pretended to slap him in the crotch.

"Oh no!" I heard him whisper under his breath as his body clenched protectively around his groin.

His reaction made me smile.

"Ok big guy, we'll take it easy from now on." I said with a big smirk.

I left Justin alone to work through the pain alone and went back to work. Another ten minutes went by before he finally joined me, already back to his old, good-natured self. The rest of the night went smoothly and we locked up before we left as always. Justin said he couldn't go out for drinks that night and had to go home, so we said goodnight and parted ways. I made sure to steal one more glance down at the prominent bulge in his jeans before he left, and I swear it looked bigger! My mind began to fill up with images of Justin rushing home to relieve some of the pressure out of his big, sore, swollen balls.

The thought made me grin.

As it turned out, I ended up rushing home myself, sat down in front of my laptop and started writing this story as quickly as I could.

- Chad White is another model that reminds me of 'Justin.' They both have a rugged and tall, dark, and handsome thing going on. -


Nicholas said...

The part where you get an eye-level eye-full of his package is particularly sexy.
And he's going away??!!!
Talk about a shame. What a ball busting muse he was. It makes me wonder if he ever suspected . . .
Well, there's only one solution: you'll have to have a hand in the selection of his replacement - get someone even more gorgous and well-endowed :D

bbmal said...

LOL, I probably won't get to make recommendations on future highers based on my BB preferences . . . if only wishing made it so. I'll still get to see Justin outside of work, though it will probably be limited since I won't be seeing him everyday. Oh well, I guess I can just re-read these stories when I want to relive it. Shame that I didn't get video of the busts, but then, that would have probably tipped things too far into the 'creepy' category. C'est la vie.

(lol, what's happening to me? Nicholas, I think you're rubbing off on me!)

Nicholas said...

You may not get to make recommendations, but it's a great idea for a story: company HR group (either all women or all men) who are interviewing new candidates, and they make them undress, weigh and measure their "goods" and make their decision based on that (thorougly enjoying the humiliation of the candidates).

Unbeknownst to the hiree, the position is one which involves abuse and punishment between the legs - if female environement, then for sexual humilitation, if male, just for being "macho".

You're speaking french now? Cool! I'll sign you up for the croissant-of-the-month club. Alors, we can be penpals :D

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping that one day you would get a hold of those nuggets!
PS I find all of your Justin stories amazing! Keep up the good work

bbmal said...

Me too! I'm still holding out hope one day that it might still happen. Until then, I'll just have to stick to writing fiction.

Anonymous said...

It would have been so cool if you just grabbed his big bulging young balls and squeeze them hard, making his cute eyes cross and body quiver in that awesome testicular boy pain. I love how you described his nuts below the base of his dick bulge, that would be quite a site to see, so masculine and strong looking in his fitted jeans.

However, after looking at the photos of how Josh would look, if he was wearing those type of jeans, it would be very hard to wrap your fingers around his balls. Those jeans hung his penis and nuts very well, and would be difficult to pull them forward and away from his crotch. So you did the correct move, and a uppercut is the best way, getting him right underneath his big balls and sending them up into that lean hard pelvic bone of his. OUCH!!! I bet it felt so soft on your knuckles, and to hear the air coming out of his body would sound so hot. Great Story, Josh is a very sexy boy.

bbmal said...

Lol, I would have if I thought I could get away with it! Still, it was pretty awesome to watch the bulge in his jeans shift up and compress under my fist - and yes, his crotch felt very soft. ;)