Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Visitor Comes to Call

Tony shambled down the stairs to answer the doorbell. It was almost 8:00 in the evening, which meant it was probably just one of the guys from the long list of losers coming to take his sister out. Their parents decision to allow Jenny to date once she entered high school had been a bad one in his opinion. She wasn't ready to enter the high school dating scene, he told himself. Even if he couldn't stop her, he could at least play the role of the protective older brother. It was a duty that he took seriously; often he would pull the guys aside to talk privately before they went off god-knows-where with his baby sis. Most of the time he would just talk to them, having practiced enough, his speech was down to a 30-second shpeel.

He opened the door and was shocked to see Jarret Russo standing on his porch in a button down shirt and jeans. Jarret had come up through high school with Tony, blazing a path on the football field, he had made quarter back in his junior year and had spent the last season dominating the region sectionals. Off the field he had managed to use his star power to help him get anything he wanted from his teachers and the flock of chicks that buzzed around him, hoping to get a feel of his bulging biceps. Jarret had everything going for him, which of course was the primary reason he had become a prick. Tony had had a few scraps with him in the past, but for the most part they had managed to stay out of each other's way.

"What do you want Jarret?" Tony asked coldly.

Jarret grinned smugly. "I'm here for Jenny, I'm taking her out."

"You've got to be kidding." Tony shook his head in disbelief. "What's wrong with your usual sluts?"

"That's cold, dawg." Jarret pushed his way past him. Tony sighed and closed the door.

"You're four years older than her." Tony said leering at his rival. "What do you think you're doing?"

"You know." Jarret nodded his head confidently. "Is she ready?"

Tony fumed. "She's in the shower." He replied as he walked away, into the den.

Jarret followed him, glancing around the room. "Where are the 'rents?"

"Out." Tony said taking a seat on the couch. "So you want to tell me what this is all about?"

Jarret chuckled. "Listen, she approached me, alright?"

"And you said yes?" Tony said deadpan.

"Why not, she's a cute little honey." Jarret grinned wickedly. "There's a lot I can teach her."

"No, you mean there's a lot she can catch from you. I heard about that last girl you dated, the one who got herpes." Tony's face was becoming flush with anger.

Jarret's smile disappeared. "Dude, whatever - she didn't get that from me."

"Really? What, no one wants to date you, so you go out with a freshman?" Tony growled.

"Fuck you." Jarret shot back angrily. "I can have anyone I want at school. It's just a bonus that the girl I'm gonna bone tonight is your sister."

"You piece of shit!" Tony swore.

Jarret laughed. "Don't worry, I'll take her out to a nice meal before that. First I'll give her a big helping of meat," Jarret gestured grabbing the bulge in his crotch, "and I'll top it off with some of my special sauce."

Tony roared and charged into the cocky quarterback, knocking him backwards. The two teenage combatants locked arms. Expletives were hurled and muscles strained as Jarret struggled to break his opponents hold, but Tony quickly proved his prowess as a champion wrestler and slammed Jarret against the wall. Stunned from the impact, Tony quickly followed up and jammed his elbow into Jarret's neck, bearing down on his throat. With the constriction of his airway, Jarret's face began to turn red.

"Get the fuck out of my house." Tony growled, holding his enemy fast to the wall.

"Fuck you," Jarret spat.

Tony's eyes widened with rage and arched his leg back. Jarret saw the look in his opponents eyes and gasped as Tony's knee exploded into his groin. Jarret's lungs seized, pushing out what little air he had left, forcing him to stagger against the wall. Pushing him hard onto his back, Tony launched his knee a second time, swinging through Jarret's beefy thighs and smashing into his junk like a wrecking ball. Jarret groaned and spat, feeling the ache in his balls creep slowly into his gut.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Tony swore as he crunched Jarret's bruised baby-makers across his knee for a third time.

Jarret gurgled, unable to form a coherent word.

"What now, bitch?" Tony roared as his kneecap collided with both of Jarret's juicy nuts again, ramming them deep into his pelvis and making Jarret gasp in pain.

Tony sunk his knee into the star quarterback's groin again and again, grinding away at Jarret's unfortunate balls. Moaning in frustration, Jarret's strength was sapped and his formidable muscles proved useless as Tony rained down blow after blow between his legs. The cumulative affect was devastating to Jarret's pride and stamina. Unable to stand, his knees finally gave out and Jarret toppled into Tony's arms.

Tony struggled to keep upright, managing to prop Jarret back against the wall. He paused when he heard an upstairs door close, but when no one came, he returned his attention to Jarret. The football jock was clearly out of it, his eyes stared forward and unfocused. Tony chuckled to himself and looked down at the prominent bulge in Jarret's jeans. Guys like Jarret had no right dating his kid sister, Tony thought as he shoved his hand into Jarret's pants. Sliding past his semi-hard dick, Tony clenched Jarret's hairy balls and squeezed the spongy orbs in his fist.

Jarret made no response, despite the vicious manhandling Tony was giving to his nuts. With virtually no reaction from Jarret, Tony increased the rhythm and pressure, causing Jarret's loose, rubbery sac to stretch and strain. Tony worked Jarret's big, bouncy balls in silence for several minutes as his thick Italian sausage began to grow.

Almost out of nowhere, Jarret moaned as Tony's pumping and grinding reached a fever pitch, his rock hard dick throbbing with anticipation. Tony pulled down on Jarret's gonads and squeezed as the first drops of cum began to leak out. Then all of a sudden, Jarret's cock shuddered as his body was wracked with orgasm. It was a hell of a thing to watch. Cradling Jarret's testicles in his hand, Tony waited as the football player shot spurt after spurt, filling his jeans with hot sperm. In only a matter of seconds, Jarret's love spuds had been thoroughly drained and an entire batch of his special sticky sauce had been wasted.

Tony pulled his hand out of Jarret's pants and wiped his cum covered fingers onto his rival's shirt. Jarret slumped down to the floor, soiled and disgraced, he clutched his crotch and groaned. Tony smiled at his handy work and left him there to go have a chat with his sister.

- Jarret is inspired by Tom Salvatore -


Anonymous said...

That was so hot, I loved how Jarret was so proud of his sausage and special boy-sauce, then grabbing his well endowed package to show off his manhood. Dam Tony nail him good, right where it counts the most, right in his maleness! I love how you mentioned Jarret's eyes were, he must have been crossed eyed, and that's cute, esp since he's a quarterback. Having Jarret waste his potent cum in his jeans was icy on the cake! He was defeated by his own Manhood! I loved the story, so hot!

bbmal said...

Thanks twonutbuster, I'm happy to hear you liked it. This probably won't be the last time Jarret gets busted. ;)

Nicholas said...

awsome, sexy scene. I love the humiliation factor.

I should have read this one first, before commenting on the second scene. Isn't that the problem with these blogs - you can't control the order of the posts after-the-fact. Sequels come before the originals. lol