Friday, April 2, 2010

The Quarterback's Retribution

It had two days since Tony's run in with Jarret Russo in his parent's house. Tony tried to explain to Jenny what sort of guy Jarret was, and pleaded with her not to go out with him, but Jenny became furious at him for intervening in her life and ruining her date; she stormed out of the house into Jarret's car. Since then, relations had been cool between the siblings, and at school Jarret kept his distance, but Tony was sure things would settle down eventually.

The next few days passed without incident and Tony turned his attention back to training for regionals, spending most of his free time in training. On this particular day wrestling practice had gone longer than usual, but Tony decided to stick around afterward and get in another hour of personal training before he headed home. He was tired, but he had barely broken a sweat during the team practice and he knew he needed the exercise.

When the last few stragglers cleared from the gym, Tony headed for the free weights and began his routine. After building up a light sweat, Tony moved on to the leg presses and curls. He liked working out alone because it gave him time to think, but at the moment his thoughts drifted to the fight he had had with his sister. Maybe it wasn't his place to interfering in her life, but after all, wasn't he supposed to protector her? How could he stand by and let a piece of shit like Jarret use her?

Tony took a break from the curls and moved over to the bench press. Just another ten minutes he told himself as he set up the bar for 250 pounds and laid back on the bench. Clenching the steel rod tight in his hands, Tony's muscles in his chest and biceps strained as he pushed up, releasing the bar off it's catch and began his repetitions. Air blew forcefully out of Tony's nostrils as his arms pumped iron. After a dozen reps, his arms began to feel sore and heavy, but Tony pushed on with several more.

Once he hit twenty, he decided to call it quits and lifted the bar back onto it's bracket when suddenly a large form darted in through the door way, seized the bar and pushed it back down onto his chest. Tony gasped when he saw the smug look on Jarret Russo's face and his stomach churned.

"What the fuck, man?" Tony hollered as he vainly tried to push the bar off his chest.

Jarret chuckled as he watched Tony struggle beneath him. "Hey dick-weed!" Jared yelled in his face as he launched his knee between Tony's spread legs and exploded into his balls. "That's payback from two nights ago." Jarret snarled.

"Fuck you." Tony grunted and coughed as the taste of bile filled his mouth. Out of the corner he saw some else standing against the wall by the door watching and looked to see his sister Jenny.

"What's going on?" Tony demanded, forgetting the pain in his groin. He looked to Jarret, but it was Jenny who spoke.

"You're such a self-righteous prick." She swore indignantly.

Tony shook his head, not comprehending. "What do mean?"

"I mean I'm sixteen years old, I'm not a kid anymore and I don't need you butting into my life and making decisions for me." Jenny replied angrily as she walked into the light. "It means you don't get to lecture me like you're my father, or beat up the guys I'm dating."

Tony saw Jarret smirk - so he must have told her, Tony thought to himself. Jarret walked around him and grabbed the barbell, pulling it tight across Tony's chest and arms.

"I just don't want to see you make a mistake Jenny, you're my sister." Tony pleaded.

Jenny leaned forward and staring at Tony. "Being my brother doesn't give you the right to try to control my life." She spat the words out like they were poison. Clenching her fingers tightly, she slammed her fist down into Tony's soft package. Pain exploded in his nuts once again, but the ache that they caused was nothing compared to the hatred he saw in his sister's eyes.

"Aghhh," Tony grunted. "Jenny, please - stop."

"What's wrong big brother? Can't take it but you're happy to dish it out." Jenny laughed wickedly as she punched Tony again, her fist splatting flatly into his helpless balls. Tony gasped and struggled to break free, but Jarret's grip was firm.

"I don't care if you don't like Jarret," Jenny continued, "what you did to him was torture."

"No Jenny, please, I can explain . . ." Tony pleaded, his words trailing off as he stared into his sister's eyes. Jenny returned the gaze coldly and held it for several seconds. Then turning her attention below, she reached into Tony's mesh shorts and gripped her brother's family jewels.

"Jenny, what are you doing?" Tony panicked.

"Giving you a dose of your own medicine." Jenny replied coldly, her nails digging deep into her brother's big, soft orbs.

"Unghhhhh," Tony groaned, his face twisting in pain as his kid sister crushed his testicles ruthlessly between her fingers. Jarret grinned smugly as he watched his rival's nuts getting manhandled by a smaller and weaker girl. Until recently he had only heard rumors of Tony's ball busting escapades, but having experienced it first hand, he knew that at least some of them must have been true. Jarret chuckled to himself. Too bad for Tony, by the looks of it Jenny was just as much of a nut-busting terror as her brother. He'd planned to pin Tony down and humiliate him just like he'd done to Jarret in their living room, but somehow it seemed more fitting to step aside and give Jenny the honor.

Tony groaned in a hoarse whisper as Jenny jerked yanked on his nutsac, spilling his hefty plums out the leg of his shorts and letting them plop down on the bench. Cradling the delicate orbs in her hand, Jenny saw her brother's eyes widen as she drove her fist down into his bulging sac. Tony screeched in pain and his entire body spasmed as shockwaves ricocheted down his ball cords and hit his brain.

Jenny showed little mercy, pounding his nutsac again and again. Each strike was punctuated by a loud slapping noise as Tony's juicy nuts were smashed again and again against Jenny's palm. Tony moaned louder and louder until he could hear nothing else but the buzzing in his ears.

After several more hits, Jenny's anger finally dissipated and she released Tony's nads. Tony moaned wearily, he was physically exhausted and emotionally spent. After being used as his sister's personal stress-balls, his throbbing nuts were red and bruised.

"Come on Jarret, let's go." Jenny said as she turned and walked out of the room.

Jarret walked over to where Tony could see the grin and cocky expression that covered his face. "Looks like I can't stay; I've got a date with your sister." Jarret said arrogantly as he lifted up his leg and stamped his football cleats down onto Tony's exposed balls.

Tony howled in agony as his nuts were crushed under a hundred sharp spikes. The pain was excruciating, it was so intense it felt like it was piercing his soul. Tony thrashed violently, desperate to break free and then everything slipped into darkness.

- Tony looks a lot like this guy -

- Jenny is based on Dianna Argon who plays Quinn from the show Glee -


twonutbuster said...

Awesome, I didn't know Tony was a hunk, but dam, he got owned.

bbmal said...

Of course! Tony's a wrestling champ, after all. I like his character a lot because he's complicated. Not only is he a wicked ball buster himself, but his antics in the past have suggested that he is gay or bi (probably leaning more towards bi). I thought it would be super hot to get in a story where he wasn't the buster, but actually the bustee for once. It's just gravy that his little sis is just as ruthless as her brother, and she manages to dish out just as much punishment to his nuts.

Nicholas said...

mmmmm. cleats-to-the-balls. mmmm. A follow up story would be nice. Mebbe where Tony keeps sticking his nose into Jenny's business, and she gets a group of guys together to put an end to his balls. Permanently. :D

bbmal said...

I plan for there to be a follow-up eventually. At this point I'm still working out what's going to happen, but it's going to be filled with lots of M/M BB goodness.

Anonymous said...

Got to say, I wasn't entirely pleased with this story. First, the incorporation of Jarret. His prescence just makes Jenny seem like even more of a skanky little cuntsack who can't tell the difference between her brother being overbearing and her brother not wanting her to become a quarterback's one-night jizzjar.

The second thing that took away from my arousal was Jenny's stone-cold hatred for her brother, which I suppose isn't a problem if you're going to follow up on this. I, personally, would rather see she and her brother make up and tag-team a few pairs of balls, rather than do what the other guy said and have her end his balls permenantly (one of the reasons I love reading your stories is that you don't feel the need to have every story end in castration like some other writers.

Anyway, it's up to you, and I'll end up reading it anyway. Just some insight from an avid BB reader who enjoys stories with substance.

bbmal said...

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed set of comments Anon. As for the future of this plot, the next story will almost certainly have to do with Tony's revenge and Jarret's downfall.

Tony's character has been featured in two other M/M stories, in which he has been the primary buster. This plot line was started in a similar manner, when Tony first discovered Jarret's intentions and busts his balls. The second story, which leaves Tony humbled (for the first time) was meant to put the protagonist (Tony), into the worst situation possible (i.e. much like the state of the rebel alliance at the end of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK). Not to worry, the third act will see Tony get his revenge on his enemy's nuts, AND reunite with his kid sister in the process.

Oh, and as for Jenny, we can't be too hard on her. She's young and still a little naive. We can only imagine what Jarret told her to get her so angry. When she figures out Jarret is using her to get to her brother, she'll wise up.

Thanks again for the comments, and keep posted!