Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jessica's Origins as a Ballbuster - Part II

The day after Jessica's run in with Harris did not look like it was going to be good. She had avoided Alexa's phone calls the night before because she didn't know what to say. Though she doubted Harris had told anyone about their encounter, Jessica new her friend would want to know what had happened and why she had fled from the house. Of course Harris had lied to Alexa, claiming that Jessica had run out after an unsuccessful attempt to seduce him had failed - but it didn't matter. Alexa had a way of extracting the truth out of her. She couldn't avoid her forever, it was only a matter of time.

Though she had managed to stay clear of her calls at home, there was no way Jessica could avoid Alexa in school - they shared half their classes together. Eventually Jessica would have to explain why she had left Alexa's house and why she had avoided her phone calls. The first two semesters went by quickly without incident, but third period was calculus. Jessica got there first, scanning the desks she walked to the back of the class and took her seat. She fished her textbook out of her bag and when she looked up Alexa was there, staring her down.

"What's wrong?" Alexa asked.

"Nothing, why would you-"

"Why didn't you call me back last night?" Alexa cut her off. "I was worried, Harris said you told him you liked him, and then you left?"

Jessica shook her head disdainfully. "That's not how it happened."

The second bell rang signaling the start of class. Alexa looked around, the rest of their classmates were already in their seats and copying down the assignment on the board. She turned back to her friend. "You're not mad at me are you?"

"No," Jessica whispered. "I'm sorry I didn't call you back it's . . ."

"I stayed up all night waiting!" Alexa folded her arms across her chest.

Jessica scanned the room but the teacher still had her back turned to them. "I'm sorry, I couldn't - it's complicated, do we have to do this now?"

"Fine, but we're gonna talk." Alexa frowned and took her seat.

For the rest of the day Jessica did her best to avoid the topic. Most of the time was spent in class, giving them only a few moments in between for conversation - but lunch had been the worse. Alexa scrutinized her, leaving Jessica feeling like she was under cross-examination. In the end she lied and told her friend that the reason she had run out was because she got her period and she felt embarrassed. Alexa sensed the lie immediately, but the bell for afternoon classes rang before she had time to press the matter further.

By the end of the day Alexa was fuming and cornered Jessica at her locker. "What's going on, why are you acting so strange and lying to me?" She stormed.

"I'm not." Jessica tried to sound convincing.

"Yes you are!" Alexa shouted back at her. "What happened yesterday?"

Jessica shook her head and slammed her locker shut. "I can't . . ." Her words trailed off.

"Of course you can, you're my best friend." Her cheeks remained red, but Alexa managed to soften her voice. Then after a pause she asked, "It's Harris, isn't it?"

Jessica stared down and nodded her head. Half a sob squeaked out before she swallowed it down. "It's not what you think, at least it's not what he said . . ."

Jessica buried her head in her hands and began to cry. Forgetting her anger, Alexa hugged her friend. Jessica hugged her back and weeped on her shoulder. Once she collected herself, the two friends walked out behind the school and settled down on an empty picnic table. Then Jessica told her friend everything, about her long standing secret crush on her brother, the way he looked at her the night before, how he came on to her and practically stripped naked, and how he humiliated her.

"That piece of shit!" Alexa whispered furiously. "He can't treat you like that and get away with it."

"Oh he didn't get off scott free." Jessica smiled. "I kneed him in the crotch a few times before I left."

"Oooooh, I bet he didn't like that." Alexa joked imagining her brother prostrate on the floor.

"Not a bit." Jessica winked.

"Good! He deserved it." Alexa laughed.

"You're not mad?" Jessica asked.

Alexa looked back at her friend perplexed. "Are you serious? You saw the way he treated you, that's how he treats everyone - always has. He'll do anything to make himself feel or look good, whether or not it hurts someone else."

"Oh." It was a side of Harris that Jessica had never seen, or perhaps she had never noticed it. For the majority of her life she had looked up to Harris and immortalized him, blinding herself from what Alexa had seen all along.

"I'm going to go home and confront him. He can't just do whatever he wants." Alexa got up and stormed away. "You coming?" She shouted behind her. Jessica scrambled with her things and chased after her friend.

They reached Alexa's house and walked around to the back. "Guess he's home." Jessica said they walked past the faded blue '97 Honda in the driveway. They came through the back door and dumped their bags down on the kitchen table. The downstairs was empty. Climbing the stairs, the heard distinct sounds of a video game blaring from one of the rooms above.

When they reached Harris' room they found him lounging on his futon playing Xbox. He was wearing the same thing he had woken up in, an old T-shirt and nylon mesh shorts. "Hey," he said looking up at his sister momentarily before continuing on with his game. He didn't even glance in Jessica's direction.

Alexa turned back to her friend but Jessica shrugged. Alexa entered the room and knelt down next to her brother and pretended to watch the game. "How's it going?"

"Fine. What do you want?" Harris asked with his eyes fixed on the screen.

"Nothing really, I just wanted to talk." Alexa replied innocently.

"Not now, I'm busy." He said abruptly.

"Yeah I can see that," Alexa replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Come on, scram." Harris said dismissively.

Alexa looked back at Jessica and winked to make sure she was watching before she turned back to her brother. Harris was ignoring her, sitting back with his legs partially spread. His shorts were loose and bulky, but even they couldn't mask his impressive bulge. Alexa focused on it for a moment and balled her hand into a tight fist. She closed her eyes and thought back to childhood, as far as she could think, reliving each cruelty she had suffered by the hand of her brother. Something caught Harris' attention when she opened her eyes and he saw the fierce determination the burned in her pupils.

"What?" He asked quizzically.

Alexa said nothing in response, instead she swung her fist in an arch and smashed it into Harris' groin like a hammer. The soft impact of her hand told her she had scored a direct hit.

Harris dropped the controller out of his hand and curled up into a ball. "What was that for?" He coughed.

"That? It's for being such an asshole all my life." Alexa looked back at her friend. "It's for Jess too."

"What are you talking about?" He moaned as he rocked back. He looked at Jessica and scowled. "She came on to me!"

"You lying shit!" Alexa screamed and tackled her brother. The two tussled back and forth on the floor, but Harris' superior size and strength won out as he fought to his feet. Harris held Alexa fast, making sure to protect his groin from her attacks as he pushed her towards the door. Alexa fought savagely, arms flailing and teeth biting, she twisted and squirmed in her brother's grasp.

Having watched the confrontation between brother and sister up to this point, Jessica snuck up behind Harris and in one quick motion she pulled his nylon shorts down in one swipe. Harris was sporting a pair of tight clinging gray boxer briefs that hugged his crotch in the front and butt in the rear.

Harris became disoriented, giving Alexa an opening to duck and twist out of his grasp. Alexa wheeled away and turned back on her brother, waiting for him to charge, but Harris' shorts were still around his ankles and nearly made him stumble. With his guard temporarily down, Alexa sprung into action - she leapt forward and aimed for the conspicuously large bulge in his underwear.

Harris yelped as his sister's shoe crunched up into his nuts with a loud thud, leaving the 20-year old stunned and speechless. The pain was there immediately, only a few seconds before the all too familiar ache seeped out of his afflicted testicles. Before his brain could even finish processing this, Alexa followed up with another vicious kick to the groin. Once again Harris' tightly packed gonads took the full brunt of the blow and were crushed by his sister's instep. The room began spinning and Harris shrieked several octaves above his normal speaking voice as he collapsed on the floor. His face contorted in agony as the first waves of nausea hit his stomach - bring on another level of misery.

Both girls giggled while Harris groaned and rolled around on the floor. He seethed with anger at what they'd done to him and he swore to himself that he would get them back; however, revenge would have to wait. Harris' strength was sapped and his balls felt like they were on fire.

"Awww, poor Harris." Jessica mocked. If is eyes weren't shut she would have seen the rage that was there, but it mattered little - there wasn't much he could do about it at the moment.

"Grab his arms, will you?" Alexa instructed her friend. Jessica did as she was asked, pulling Harris' hands away from his crotch, she locked her hands around his wrists and pulled them up over his head. Harris groaned but did not fight, distracted by the nauseousness and cramping in his stomach. Alexa pushed Harris onto his back and grabbed his ankles.

"I've always wanted to try this!" Alexa giggled. She lifted Harris' legs and spread them apart, exposing her brother's boxer clad crotch. In a classic 'hickory nut crunch' style move, Alexa stomped her heel down into her brother's groin, mashing his spuds hard against his his pubic bone. Harris screamed and strained against Jessica's grip as his nuts were trampled under Alexa's shoe. In desperation to fight his way free free, he bucked his body in an attempt to dislodge his sister's crushing heel - but it was no use. Alexa quickly compensated and pumped Harris' groin harder until he wore himself out and everything became dark. Laughing and giggling, Alexa and Jessica left him on the floor and walked out of the room.

Harris didn't know how long he laid there unconscious, it could have only been a few minutes or hours. He sat up with a groan and cupped his aching balls. Why had Alexa attacked him? Perhaps he hadn't been the best brother, but he hadn't done anything to her to deserve this - and then the answer came to him - Jessica. Somewhere deep down he had felt some measure of guilt for the previous night, but those feelings had been swept away by self-righteous anger. He may have been wrong, but Alexa's reaction was out of line.

Just then he heard movement across the hall. Harris sat quietly and listened and heard the same noise again - there was someone else still upstairs. He looked at the time, not quite 6:00, it was still to early for either of his parents to come home. Harris crawled to the door and opened it a crack. From his room he could see Alexa in her room with her back turned to him. He opened the door wider and scanned the hallway, but it was empty. Harris opened the door and creeped out into the hall, pausing to listen - the silence verified that they were alone. From the door Harris bolted towards Alexa and knocked her to the floor with a crash.

Alexa screamed and fought back, but Harris easily pinned her down. Having already learned his lesson once, he made sure to hold her wrists with his hands while wedging his thick muscled legs between hers, making it impossible for her to knee him in the groin. With a look of smug superiority he looked down at Alexa as she stared back at him defiantly.

"I bet you thought you were pretty funny back there, catching me when my guard was down." Harris said confidently.

"Get off!!!" Alexa shrieked as Harris grinned.

"Oh no, you play dirty." Harris spit, hitting his sister just above the eye. "So now I get to play dirty." The look of fear in his sister's eyes was there for only an instant, but it confirmed what he already new - he was in control and she couldn't do anything about it.

While preoccupied with his easily won victory, Harris failed to notice the Jessica's silhouette in the doorway. She had heard the commotion from the bathroom and ran to Alexa's room only to find her trapped under Harris' hulking frame. Jessica's first thought was to kick Harris' groin from behind, but that plan was ditched when she saw the narrow gap between his thighs. As soon as he sensed the danger he might lock his legs and protect himself, thereby blowing any chance of surprise.

After a moment's pause Jessica slipped into the room on cat paws as she crept up behind them. As she approached Jessica noticed Harris was still only wearing his underwear and how his package invitingly dangled below. Standing just behind him Jessica met her friend's gaze for a moment, then she knelt down and plunged her hand up into Harris' boxers.

The wide smile on Harris' face quickly melted away along with his confidence as he felt a pair of icy cold fingers wrap around his nuts. He looked down at his own hands to verify that he still held his sister's wrists, yet . . . his mind raced and confusion set in as Jessica fondled and squeezed his large, round balls. Harris gasped and squeezed his eyes shut to the pain.

A wide grin stretched across Alexa's face when she peaked down to see Jessica's hand buried into her brother's shorts. When she looked back up she met Harris' blank eyes as they seemed to stare right through her. He grimaced and panted as he silently bore the pain, lost in his own world.

Jessica tugged on Harris' nutsac and dragged two meaty balls out through the leg of his underwear.

"Oooo," Alexa cooed in mock sympathy as Jessica wrung his sac like a wet towel. She patted Harris' shoulder. "That looks a bit uncomfortable."

Harris curled his lip back but said nothing.

"Nahhh," Jessica played along, "Harris likes to play it rough."

Alexa's gaze shifted back down and she watched silently as Jessica played with her brother's fat balls in her delicate hand. Each jerk and yank played havoc on his reproductive organs and brought him closer to the verge of crying.

"Hey Jess, you might want to go easy on those family jewels. Harris looks like he might faint!" Alexa laughed.

"Well we can't have that!" Jessica giggled as she squeezed Harris' testicles together.

Harris swallowed hard to fight back the taste of bile that began to enter the back of his mouth. Sweat glistened on his forehead and his face had turned beet red.

After Jessica palmed Harris' baby-makers for a while longer she began to grow bored. "You want to have turn?" She asked her friend.

"Yes! I thought you'd never ask!" Alexa squealed.

Jessica nodded and pulled back on Harris' nutsac like they were the reigns of a bucking horse. Harris wailed, rearing up on his knees and grabbed at his aching nuts - but he moved to slowly. Seemingly out of no where, Alexa's kneecap came rocketing up and collided with her brother's tender ball flesh. Harris' eyes rolled back and he slumped to the floor with a crash.

"I think he's out." Jessica said as she stood.

"Yeah, looks like it. Help me get him back in to his room."

Alexa grabbed one arm while Jessica grabbed the other and together they dragged Harris across the hallway. Once they dropped him back on his futon Alexa turned to leave while Jessica knelt down over the sleeping boy. Reaching out she gently massaged Harris' exposed testicles.

"Are they OK?" Alexa asked from the doorway.

Jessica rolled Harris' balls around in her hand before speaking. "Yes, they're alright. His nuts are red and swollen, and they'll probably be sore for a while, but I think he'll be fine."

Alexa nodded and stared down at her brother for a moment. "Come on, we should leave."

Jessica slipped Harris' gonads back into his underwear. "Don't want to be leaving these out." She smiled. "What are you going to tell your parents?"

Alexa shrugged. "He can explain for himself if he wants."

"Probably not." Jessica replied as she looked back at Harris.

"Come on let's find something to eat, I'm starving." Alexa pushed Jessica out into the hall and closed the door behind her.

- Harris from Sean Cody -


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hi just wondering, for the pictures at the far right, the column with f-m ballbusting. where did the last three pictures come from?

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The pics come from an old photo set (I think 2006) from, or which is now

The guy's name is Nick and he's in a few movies/picture sets.


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thanks! But it's a shame I cant find these videos with him anymore

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oh found it. but the scenes look too fake!