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Happy New Year!!!!!!

Good bye 2011, hello 2012!  I hope everyone had a very happy new year and is well on their way to breaking their new year's eve pledges (I know I am!)  2011 was quite a year for ballbustingtales, and  hopefully 2012 will be even better!  There are lots of hot stories in the works, so keep posted!!!!

Bringing in this new year, we have a new poll (on the right side of the page), so be sure to check that out.  And, as always, I want to hear from you!  Yes, YOU! There, in the back, the one who comes, reads, comes again (lol), and leaves.  Don't be shy!  Please, if you read something you like, let me know, and if you don't like something . . . well, try to be nice about it! lol.  But I still want to hear it!

Also FANTASTIC news.  Alex, the creator of the estimable ballbustingboys has just posted a NEW STORY!!!!!  I'm sure many of you have missed his fantastic tales, and are as happy as I to see that he has returned to us, so go and show him some support!

And finally, a reader of this blog sent me a M/M story to post a few weeks back.  I love when you guys send in stories of your own, and what makes this even better is that this story is superb.  To be honest, I've been sitting on it for a while and waiting for a good occasion, which is today!  If you like it, please remember to leave a quick comment to show your appreciation.  If there's enough of a positive response, perhaps we'll get more hot stories in the future.  Enjoy!

Rick and Adam
 By Derek

At 25, I'm already starting to worry about my job security. I am getting kind of long in the tooth for a male model. I'm handsome, I'm ripped, I'm tall, and I fill out a pair of designer boxerbriefs enviably - but in this industry there's always someone younger and hotter on your heels.

So when I walked into the green room on this photo shoot for a big brand name retailer and saw the two other guys who'd be modelling in underwear with me, my heart sank. They were no older than 18 or 19, gorgeous, their young bodies toned and cut in all the right places. These two were being groomed to replace me in the campaign. I knew it instinctively.

During the first hour of the shoot, I gathered the dark-haired one's name was Rick. He had naturally intense, soulful eyes and masculine features; he had the more pumped physique of the two, tanned skin and a little hair sprinkled across his hard pecs and a trimmed trail from his navel down his tight abs. The other kid was Adam, blond and cream-skinned, well-toned but a little on the fey side, hairless body, full pouty lips. They were a sort of yin and yang and I could see why they'd been picked. They complemented each other well, and between them they'd entice every key demographic; straight girls, gay guys, straight guys who wanted to fancy themselves as steamy as this pair.

I had more muscle than either of them. On top of my age, my body type was kind of going out of fashion; I was more a muscle and fitness model type and had been frantically trying to trim some bulk lately but it wasn't coming off fast enough.

I was a little paranoid.

Anyway, the shoot involved the three of us mainly wrestling and horsing around with each other for the camera wearing tight white cotton boxerbriefs, sometimes posing with a football or some sporting implement. Rick and Adam seemed to be getting along fine - I was doing my job like a professional and looking great with the two of them, but when we'd stop so the photographer could dump his card, I'd stand off to one side with my arms folded while the two boys continued to laugh and joke.

I watched them hop around and even take a few swipes between each other's legs and raised my eyebrows. Adam landed a backhanded blow to jiggling bulge that stretched the tight fabric of Rick's underwear with a smack!

"Oof!" yelped Rick, more out of surprise than pain, because he laughed and quickly followed up with an open palmed slap that caught Adam right under his testicles and bounced his whole package up. His balls flopped heavily back into the bottom of the white cotton pouch while his penis bounced up and pushed against the revealing cotton, soft and bent in a way that gave him a funny extra curved lump above the two round bulges below.

Adam cringed and laughed too and as they dodged and ducked and swiped at each other, I rolled my eyes and looked away to see if the photographer was done. He wasn't, and eventually my gaze travelled back to Rick and Adam. Curiously, I noticed they both had semi-hardons now as they grappled and giggled. The curved lump made by Adam's soft rearranged dick had started to straighten out and strain lightly through the white pouch, and Rick's prominent bulge was extended at the front with more definition visible around the ridge of his cockhead. That seemed bizarre. Rick hadn't struck me as gay but who knew in this profession. Were they getting off on smacking each other in the nuts or something? Was that a normal gay thing? 

When we started to shoot again, the photographer seemed inspired by Adam and Rick's chemistry. He gave them lots of direction, asking them to keep up their horseplay but just giving me a perfunctory, occasional "you're doing great". For a couple shots, he asked me to keep up my energy but stand to the side, while he encouraged Adam to move behind Rick and wrap his arms around the brunette's ripped torso to stroke his pecs or tease the low-rise waistband of his underwear while he continued to sport partial wood.
I fumed. Was he gonna crop me out of the shots?

Suddenly I had a wicked plan.

Another hour or so later we took a break. I loitered with the photographer and pretended to be interested in checking out some of the shots while Rick and Adam went to the green room. I gave them about ten minutes to unwind and relax before I followed.

Adam was sitting on the counter in front of the vanity mirror, facing me; Rick was next to him, leaning over on the counter and inspecting a real or imaginary zit in the mirror and saying something about how he hoped his makeup hadn't sweat off and revealed it for the last few shots. Bent over like this, two spherical bulges peeked out at me slightly beneath his muscular ass.

Between Adam's firm thighs, I could see in detail how his cock and balls lay under the thin white cotton stretched over them, clinging to every swell and curve. His left nut rested low, touching the countertop, and his right nut sat above it against his inner thigh; his cock cradled it, curled to the left.

I locked on to my targets.

Adam glanced up at me. "How ya doing, David?" he asked politely.

I shrugged nonchalantly, and tried to look idle as I sauntered towards them. "Good. Got some nice shots, this might be a short day."

"One more setup," Rick muttered absently as he examined his chiseled face.

Adam looked back at Rick. "I guess we better get out there."

I seized the chance while neither of them was looking at me. From behind him I wrapped my arm around Rick's hips and cupped his crotch, felt two warm, squishy teen balls in my hand and clamped my fingers around them tightly. My other hand shot between Adam's muscled thighs and I grabbed his full, round testicles with an underhanded grip. I squeezed both boy-bulges hard.

They both yelped; Rick shot upright and tried to pry my hand off his meatballs. Adam leaned forward wide-eyed, mouth hanging open, and tried to wriggle his private parts out of my grip but succeeded only in causing himself increased discomfort. I was bigger and stronger, and I owned their sensitive young manhood now. I could sense their fear that I was going to do something even crazier.

"Ooof, hey what the fuck man!" sputtered Rick. "Let go of my balls!"

"Yeah," Adam groaned. "Ooahw, what're you doing..."

One of Rick's nuts squeezed out of my firm grip and he gasped in pain, wincing. I roughly juggled and kneaded his package to get the rogue gonad back into my crushing ball claw while he flinched and grunted with every movement.

"Oowhf! Unh! Oahw."

The boys' genitals were roughly the same size; both sets were rather large - not huge, but fuller and heftier than most. In spite of myself, I was impressed at what these two kids were packing in their designer undies.

Rick's testicles felt tender and rubbery; my painful groping and squeezing of the teenaged stud's crotch told me his nads were soft and squishy and compressed relatively easily. As I played with Adam's nuts, I was shocked to feel their incredible weight and firmness.  I pressed one ball with my palm against his groin to crush the dense orb in place while, with my thumb and index finger, I pinched his other nut experimentally; with a fair amount of pressure I barely made a dent. In spite of myself, I drew an awestruck breath as I fondled the kid's rocks in unfettered fascination with their perfect shape and structure. Adam groaned pitifully while I manhandled him.

"I'm showing you two cocky little pricks how to have some respect," I growled. "If you thought you could just waltz in here and steal my best gig, that I've worked for my whole career, you thought wrong."

I punctuated my point by squeezing both pairs of young stud-eggs extra hard. The boys howled - and as I hoped, I saw Adam's dick twitch, some veins twisting along its shaft beginning to stand out beneath the thin white cotton. In my right hand I could feel Rick's cock starting to fill up and swell too.

Adam stared at his crotch with horror and I watched with grim satisfaction as his growing tool rapidly tented his underwear, reaching its full above-average size, and stretched the white material to its limit. The porcelain-skinned model moaned and moaned as I kept up the crushing pressure on his big boy sex organs.

"It's not our fault," Rick hissed through clenched teeth, cords of muscle standing out in his back, veins bulging all over his ripped torso. Suddenly I felt his underwear tighten around his nuts, and none-too-gently adjusted my claw, jerking up on his balls with a sound like squashed grapes so I could feel the base of the suffering young hunk's cock; it was rock hard and  throbbing and sticking straight up against his abdomen. "What do you want us to do?! It's our biggest gig too..."

"Can't just walk out on it," Adam gasped, as a bead of sweat rolled down his neck and over his taut, pale, trembling pecs.

I could see a damp patch had formed at the tip of Adam's pole, spreading through the white material and rendering it translucent.

"You're not gonna have a choice," I said, and squeezed the poor boys' balls as hard as I could.

Rick and Adam screamed in unison. Their muscles flexed and twitched uselessly. Their raging boners quivered as I pulverized their proud packages. I visciously twisted and mangled their pretty-boy privates without any mercy. I could feel Adam's two firm lumps starting to tenderize in my palm, but boy did he have a solid pair of balls! It was taking everything I had to crack Adam's nuts. Tough though they were, however, Adam was clearly in immense testicular pain - and pleasure. His precum had soaked a large wet patch at the head of his hard cock and his juice was starting to collect in rivulets and run down the thick shaft.

As I noted this, Rick's soft nuggets started to lose the fight. His howl of pain turned into short moans.

"Ohh, ooaahw, unh, ohhh fuck!"

SQUISH! I heard and felt the dark-haired male model's testicles surrender in my hand as his body convulsed and he shot his first wad of cream in his underwear. Wracked by shudders, he kept jizzing; shot after shot of teen cum filled Rick's pouch as the orgasm shook his body. It was a huge load. I could feel his cock seizing repeatedly as it sprayed each glob, and I grimaced as the teen stud's boy-batter soaked through the cotton and made my hands sticky.

I guess the sight of sexy Rick creaming his boxerbriefs from my ball grabbing was enough to send Adam over the edge; I pressed my hand into the two big resistant lumps and ground them with the heel of my hand. With a satisfyingly sickening crunch sound, like two walnuts cracking in a wet cloth wrap, Adam's hard nuts cracked in my squeezing hand and finally gave up his hot man juice. He came violently, moaning and panting in disbelief. I watched his washboard abs flex rhythmically as he threw back his head and gasped while his cock pumped out a load to rival Rick's and saturated his underwear.

I had never cum as much as either one of these boys in my own entire life. I couldn't believe the force of the cum Adam was spraying into his underwear. The way the cloth was moving with the force of his cumshots and cock spasms, it looked like the Alien chest-burster was struggling to break out of a cotton prison. I could feel his balls spasming feverishly, as he gritted his teeth and cried out and his body tweaked. Nor could I believe the sheer volume of semen coming out of Rick, whose knees shook as he tried to stay on his feet, bent over the countertop on his forearms, screaming in orgasmic pain and pleasure as his squashed gonads continued to gush hot spunk out of his hard cockhead and all over my hand.

I crushed both boys' nuts hard until they were completely empty, squeezing every last drop of cream out of the aching organs. When they finally finished cumming, and I let go.

Adam leaned back against the wall, eyes closed, cupping his groin and whimpering; Rick hunched over the counter breathing hard, ragged breaths, sliding his hand into his pouch to cradle his busted balls, fearing they were broken, but I hadn't done any lasting damage to either of the model boys' precious baskets.

I wiped my cum-slicked left hand down Adam's tight chest and my right down Rick's strong back, and left them groaning in their puddles of semen. I was amazed I had literally just squeezed the cum out of two young bucks like I was juicing a couple of cherry tomatoes.

I walked back out into the photo studio, where the photographer was just getting back with a coffee and muffin. He looked at me, then his watch.

"Where are those kids? We need to get moving."

I shrugged. "I think they may be, know. Getting to know each other," I said suggestively.

The photographer shook his head. "That's so unprofessional. Hang on here, I'll go get them. Boy, I'll tell you, if they're wasting my time messing around like that I'll never shoot them again, that's for sure, and good luck getting a gig in this town..." he trailed off, marching toward the green room.

I smiled to myself. He was going to find the two hapless young boys together moaning incoherently with their photoshoot wardrobe soaked in their sperm...

Hey, it's a competitive market. A guy's gotta eat.

- Below we have our two hot teen underwear models, Rick and Adam. -


Alex said...

That story is HOT! Thank you so much for sharing!
And thanks for highlighting my blog. I feel honored... :-))

I'm sure 2012 is going to be a good year for BB Tales - good luck and a happy news year!

Anonymous said...

Ow, that was hot.
What a great start to 2012.
I hope we hear more from the mysterious Derek B !


Nicholas said...

Excellent story. I love the first person perspective - very refreshing. And the two pics are HAWT!

Anonymous said...


bbmal said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm sure Derek will appreciates them. I haven't heard back from him in a while so I'm not sure if he's aware that the story is up.

And for the last comment, I ran it through Google translator and along with a little detective work, I got:


Like most native English speakers, my mind can really only process one language at a time, but if there's anyone out there who speaks French and can check the translation, that'd be great. The middle sentence doesn't sound like it was translated correctly, but I'm not sure.

Derek said...

Thanks everyone, thrilled by the positive feedback. I will surely follow up with these characters.

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