Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brett Jordan's Balls Must Die!!!

This is a story of betrayal and revenge, and features the return of one of the most popular ball busters ever to appear on this blog.  Jess is back, with her sister Marie, and together they are dispensing justice the only way they know how - kicking mean boys in the balls!  Moreover, it comes accompanied by a three-panel cartoon, illustrated by the world-famous bb artist, Knave!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


In the third row from the back of the stands, Jess watched the players in their red and grey uniforms begin to disperse across the field.  WIth football practice finally over, Jess saw her sister standing at the far side of the field, talking to some of the players.  She assumed one of them was Brett, but they were too far away for her to be sure.  Jess sat back and breathed in the warm September air.  At this point, there was nothing she could do.  Things had been set in motion and  the success of their plan was going to hinge on whether Brett took the bait, but that was up to Marie now.  

Marie had called her sister over a week ago to ask her advice.  A few weeks back, Marie's best friend Stef had become involved with Brett Jordan.  He was a real-life teenage heartthrob, with a reputation for going through girlfriends very quickly.  His courtship with Stef only lasted for a week, and after only two dates and a truck-load of empty promises, Stef allowed Brett to go all the way with her.  Then, the very next day, Brett moved on to his next conquest. 

When Marie discovered what had happened, she decided enough was enough.  They were going to teach Brett Jordan a lesson he'd never forget.  Of course, when she told Jess her plan, Jess not only wanted to help with the planning, she wanted to be there when it was implemented.  So, when the day finally arrived, Jess skipped her afternoon college classes and drove three hours to be home in time to take part in the fun.

Even from this distance, Jess could tell her sister looked hot.  Her hair was blond like Jess', but cut short, and accentuated her gorgeous emerald eyes.  And the cheerleading outfit that she borrowed from her friend Stef fit her like a glove, highlighting all of her assets.  Her butt jiggled in the tiny red skirt, and her luscious D-cup tits seemed to stretch her top to it's limit.  There was no way Brett was going to overlook her.

Luckily, Jess was right - and she didn't have to wait for long.  A tall, handsome, dark haired boy broke off from a group of players and approached Marie.  They talked for a few minutes, and though she couldn't hear their conversation, it was clear that Marie was flirting with him.  Then, Marie took him by the hand and led him out of sight, back behind the bleachers.


Jess grinned.  Things were going just as they'd planned.  Jess opened her bag and checked to make sure the camera was there.  Then she stoke up and started making her way down.


All of Marie's senses felt heightened and she got a rush off the adrenaline being pumped into her bloodstream.  She could smell the sweat soaking Brett's uniform, and could hear the steady beat of her heart in her chest like a drum.

She was leading Brett behind the stands on the baseball field, where no one would see them - except for Jess and Stef, they'd be waiting in the shadows, ready to step in at a moment's notice.

Brett didn't waste any time and grabbed her and began kissing her face and neck.  Now seeing him up close for the first time, it was obvious why he was so successful with women, despite his reputation.  He had boyish good looks, thick black hair, and a dimple set in his chin that probably won over every girl he met.

While Brett was still feverishly sucking on her neck, Marie slid her hands across his chest and explored his impressive physique underneath his shoulder pads.  Then slowly, her hand drifted against the firm ripples of his abdominal muscles, and lingered around his belly-button, before finally coming down to rest on the large, prominent bulge in his football pants.

Brett paused kissing and breathed in deep.  "Mmmm, girl, you don't waste any time, do you?"  He whispered as he bucked his hips and thrust his junk into her open hand.

Marie smiled and squeezed the stud's manhood gently, confirming what she already expected.

"Jesus Brett, you're not even wearing a cup!"  Marie pretended to sound amazed, but she'd already isolated his nuts and gave them another squeeze.

Brett moaned and resumed sucking on her neck.

"Yeah, that's right baby.  I don't bother with'em - they just slow me down."  Brett replied between kisses.

Marie grinned and kept continued to rub the large lump in his shorts.  "You know, you've got a really nice piece of equipment down here.  But aren't you afraid, going around cup-less, you might end up at the bottom of a pile-on and get your nuts crushed under some big, lumbering line-backer's cleat?"

"Don't worry baby, I'm the fastest running back in the county."  Brett smirked.  His face was handsome and radiated confidence.  "I can't run with a piece of plastic wedged between my legs!  Besides, my nuts are save and sound, I assure you, and they're working just fine now.  Come here and I'll show you."

Marie fondled the football stud's juicy gonads and smiled coyly.  "Is that right?"

"Why don't you get down on your knees, and you can test them out for yourself."  Brett said, already flexing his thick muscular arms as he pulled her down.

This was too fast!  She had to make sure Jess and Stef were in position.

"Brett - no, wait!  You're hurting me!"  Marie cried.

"Come on, I know you want it.  You've were all over me the minute we got back here.  Now just relax, and open up."  Brett said softly, as he began working the drawstrings on his pants.

Marie glanced at the outline of Brett's rigid pole grow inside his shorts and swung her fist into his testicles.  Brett groaned and jumped on his toes as Marie's fist buried itself into his crotch with a loud 'THUD.'

"Ughhhhhhhhaaaaaawwwww."  Brett moaned and cupped his balls with one hand, while still gripping Marie's arm in the other.  "Little bitch," he spat.

Marie giggled.  "I told you Brett - not wearing a cup was going to catch up with you."

"Shut it!"  Brett grimaced.  "You think it's funny?  Well now you're going to kiss it and make it all better."  He growled, twisting her wrist so hard that Marie let out a yelp.

"Alright, take it easy," Marie winced and futilely tried to pull away.

"Hey Brett,"  Stef appeared out from behind the bleachers where she had watched things progress and remained hidden, until now.  "When are you gonna learn to play nice?"

Brett spun around and no sooner did his eyes settle on the voluptuous curves of Stef's cleavage than the short brunette's bony knee found it's way up between his legs and crunched his already tender testicles.

Brett cursed as he slid down to his knees.

Both of the girls giggled.

Stef offered Marie her hand and pulled her up to her feet.  "You ok?"

"Sure, at least, I'm better off the Brett here."  Marie nodded in the direction of the stricken boy.  "Hey Jess, are you getting this."

"I sure am."  Jess called out, sticking her head out from behind the equipment shed.  There was a small camcorder in her hand with a red light blinking on the side.  "Now smile, your on camera!"

Marie and her friend smiled and waived back at the camera.

"Great!"  Jess grinned.  "You look fantastic!  The camera really loves you."

Brett rocked on his heels groaned.

"Ah, Mr. Jordan, glad to see you're still with us."  Jess zoomed the camera in on his stricken face.  "Tell us, how do you feel?"

Brett's eyes blinked and he mumbled something intelligible.

Jess shook her head and smiled.  "Looks like he could use some assistance.  Why don't you ladies help him get back on his feet?"

Marie and Stef did just that.  With a little bit of maneuvering, they even managed to spread his legs apart too.

"Better, thanks girls.  Now if you don't mind, I'm going to take my turn with our friend Brett, here."  Jess said, still pointing the camera at the three of them.

At the sound of his name, Brett lifted his head and squinted.  "What . . . why . . ."

"We're here to help show you the error of your ways."  Jess grinned and gave both girls a wink.  "When I was in high school, we knew just how to deal with boys like you."

Brett shook his head, not understanding.  Then a moment later, it all became crystal clear.

"This will show you to mess with my baby sister!"  Jess cried as her foot swung up and she kicked Brett square in the balls.

"Or her friends,"  Jess powered her leg up between his padded thighs and squished his nuts again. 

"Or any other girl that goes to this school, for that matter!" 

Jess followed with another mean kick, the toes of her right foot sailing into Brett's crotch, nailing his balls dead on.

Brett yelped in pain and collapsed on his back.  He rolled into the fetal position, rocking back and forth, moaning and groaning as he massaged his newly smashed marbles.

All three females giggled and Jess zoomed in with the camera.  "Not so tough now, are you JERK?  When we're done, everyone in school will see you getting your balls busted by a group of tiny GIRLS!"

Jess handed the camera off to her sister and the two girls helped hold the busted jock's arms down as Stef took position between Brett's spread legs. 

Brett looked up at Marie and Jess, who only snickered back at him.  Then his eyes met up with Stef's.  "Who are you?  Why are you doing this to me?"  He croaked weakly.

Stef huffed as she checked the back of her ponytail and shook her head.  "Seriously, you don't remember me?"

Brett stared at her for several long seconds.  Then he slowly shook his head.

"You can't be serious!  We went out three weeks ago, you know, before you started going out with that slut Megan Rosato!"  Stef fumed.

Brett squinted his eyes.  "Lisa?"

Stef's eyes flared and she placed her heel on top of Brett's swollen, tender balls.  Shifting her weight, Stef leaned in on Brett's nuts, flattening them like pancakes between her foot and his pelvis.

Brett let out an agonized squeal.

"We drove out to Thatcher Park and made out in the backseat of your car . . ."  The animosity in Stef's voice was unmistakable. 

"Sharon?"  He choked.

"Nope,"  Marie giggled.

Brett's eyes widened.  "No, no, no, wait - Aghhhh!"  The panic stricken boy shrieked like a terrified little girl as his meaty gonads were squashed underfoot of the jilted teenage beauty.

Stef's lips curled up at the edges as she stomped and twisted her foot into Brett Jordan's privates. 

"What's the matter?  Can't take a little PAIN?!"  Stef hollered over Brett's moans and pleas for mercy.  His forehead was beaded with sweat, and tears began streaking down his cheeks.  "Aww, are you crying?!  Big strong football player, MY ASS!"

Brett gasped, trying to catch his breath.  "Fuck you, little bitch!"  He spat out and regretted it instantly.

Brett let out a high-pitched yelp as Stef twisted the sole of her foot into his nuts, as if she were putting out a cigarette but. 

"OOOaaahhhh . . . ok, ok, I'm sorry."  He pleaded.  "Please . . ."

"Sounds like Brett here has a bit of a temper, wouldn't you say?"  Jess said, smiling into the camera. 

"Yeah, cocky too!"  Marie added.

"He sure does, and with little reason to be, if I recall."  Stef grinned as she rubbed the length of Brett's shaft with her toes.

Brett stared from one girl to the next.  He looked worn, and scared, and ashamed.

"What do you mean Stef?  Are you saying that ladies man, Brett Jordan, isn't packing all that much heat down there."  Marie zoomed the camera in on Marie's foot and Brett's package.

Stef cackled callously.  "Let's just say, it leaves something to be desired." 

That made them all laugh.

"What are we talking, three inches, or two?"  Marie giggled. 

Stef shrugged her shoulders.  "Who can remember when it's THAT pathetic?"

Brett looked horrified.  Perhaps his six inches didn't make him the 'biggest man' on campus, but at least it was average!

Marie zoomed back in on Brett's crotch as Stef alternated between gas-pedaling his tender jewels, and massaging his meaty member with the sole of her foot.

"Perhaps he'll turn out to be a 'grower.'"  Marie added.

"Well, I think we'll find out soon enough,"  Jess grinned and stroked her fingers through the jock's dark hair.

Stef tickled, teased, and fondled Brett's prick through his spandex shorts until erection became rock-hard and stretched against the elastic.

"Whoa, that thing looks like it's ready to blow!"  Marie snickered.

"It sure does, just look at it!"  Jess agreed.

"Come on big boy, shoot a nice big load for mommy."  Stef said coldly as she continued to rub her foot against Brett's manhood.

Brett croaked as Stef reared back and kicked the twin lumps just below his cock.

"Come on,"  Stef pressed, sending another kick into Brett's delicate orbs.  "If you don't cum soon, I suppose I'm just going to keep kicking these pathetic testicles of yours until they pop."

Brett's eyes widened and more tears fell.

Stef's foot slammed into the jock-boys's gonads, causing his body to buck and his dick to twitch.

"I think I just saw something move."  Jess grinned.

"Me too."  Marie added.  She was trying to hold the camera steady.

Stef lifted her foot above Brett's left nut and pressed down until the poor boy let out a groan.  Then she moved on to the right and did it again, and then back to the left.  Back and forth, she alternated between each testicle and bore down on it until Brett let out another moan. 

Marie zoomed the camera in and did an extreme close-up of Brett's tenting prick.  "Looks like he's ready Stef, you should finish him."

Stef nodded and pulled a stray hair behind her ear.  "I was just thinking that myself."

Brett swallowed the dry lump in his throat.  But nothing could have prepared him for what was about to come.

Stef released a flurry of kicks and stomps that made his stomach turn inside-out and the rest of his body shudder.  Then, in the middle of the barrage, Brett let out at loud moan and his hips began to gyrate as his poor baby-makers were squashed under the beautiful brunette's foot.  In a matter of seconds, his cock was shuddering and began dumping a big, salty batch of his baby-batter inside his shorts.

"Thar, she blows!"  Marie yelled out.

They all giggled at that.

Then Jess pulled the elastic band of his shorts down, sending Brett's dick flying up and smacking into this abdomen with a wet 'SLAP' as white goo continued to spill forth from its tip.

"Wow, look at that, he's still cumming!"  Marie beamed, following the ark of the drops of semen.

"And now, for the big finish . . ."  Stef grinned and isolating his right ball and flattened the orb against her foot.

In the same instant, Brett let out a throaty moan and a thick jet of hot sperm blasted out cock and splattered just below his left eye.

The girls all shouted in surprise and more laughter.

"Did you get that?"  Stef asked.

"Yup, all of it."  Marie smiled.

"Great, we'll upload it when we get to your house."  Stef said, wiping her foot against Brett's thigh.  "Well, as soon as everyone see's our little video, you're going to be through in this school ASS HOLE!" 

Marie zoomed in the camera one last time on Brett's face as he stared back at her, wide-eyed and scared.  He looked a mess, the tears on his face mingling with splash of semen across his cheek.

"That's it, I think we got it."  Marie said, turning off the camera.  "Thanks Brett, you've been a doll."

Stef twisted her heel into Brett's nutsac one final time for good measure.  Then the three girls picked up and left for the parking lot together, leaving Brett Jordan behind soiled and humiliated, to consider what was about to happen to his reputation the moment they posted that video. 

The consequences made him want to crawl up and die. 

He rolled over on his side, cupping his badly battered balls as new tears began to flow down his face.

-Here is the amazing commission by Knave, drawn specifically for this story-

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