Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sara and Boris' Three Month Anniversary

This story is set as a prequel to the collaboration with the great bb artist Knave.

WARNING: This story includes graphic heterosexual sex.


Boris knew Sara was still angry with him the moment he got off the phone with her. Tonight was their three month anniversary, so he'd expected a happier reaction when he told his girlfriend about the dinner reservations he'd made to her favorite restaurant, but then, nothing seemed to go the way he thought they would when Sara was involved. Had it been left up to her, there wouldn't have been a relationship to celebrate at all.

From the start it had been a struggle to get her to agree to go out with him. Boris had never met anyone that feared commitment as much as Sara did, but she was a smart, beautiful, and fiercely intelligent woman, and Boris loved her for it. He knew she loved him too, even if she was afraid to say it out loud. The first few months of dating had been tough, but they had gotten through it together. Most of the credit belong to Boris' calm, persistent nature, which counteracted Sara's general mistrust of men. It took a while, but eventually she came to see that Boris was actually just a genuinely good guy. To others it may have looked like foolhardy stubbornness. After all, everyone who knew Sara was aware of the uphill battle he was in for, but Boris was the kind of guy that didn't give up once he set his mind to it, and his mind was set on Sara.

It took him another 45 minutes to get out of work and travel across town before he was standing in front of Sara's apartment with a bouquet of roses in hand. He paused as he checked his reflection in one of the darkened downstairs windows. His fire-red hair and thick set jaw were obvious hallmarks of his Russian heritage, but they were softened by his baby-blue eyes that made him appear younger to others than his 23 years would suggest. In preparation for their date, he'd gotten his hair cut earlier in the day and he was wearing black dress slacks and the light blue button down shirt that Sara had bought him.

Boris rang the bell and adjusted his collar as he waited for Sara to answer the door. Then a moment later, the Sara was standing in front of him.

"Happy anniversary, babe." Boris smiled and handed Sara the flowers.

"Oh, thank you sweetie." Sara kissed him on the lips and invited him in.

Boris was surprised by how pleasant she was being. He'd expected a more hostile attitude after their last conversation on the phone, but maybe he'd made a mistake? Still, it was odd that Sara wasn't dressed yet. Her long blond hair was tied back in a pony tail, and she was wearing a red tank top and pink pajamas with little hearts on them. It was only quarter past 7:00 p.m., but if he didn't know any better he'd say that she was just about to settle in for the night.

Boris followed his girlfriend into the living room and sat down on the couch while Sara placed the flowers in a vase. "What do you want to do tonight?" She yelled over the sound of running water in the kitchen.

Boris felt even more confused. "Well, we have reservations for 8:00 pm at Davio's and afterward I thought we'd play it by ear, maybe even go see a movie."

Sara returned with the flowers, placing them down on the coffee table in front of Boris and sat next to him on the couch. She tiled her head back and sighed, allowing her long golden hair to fan out behind her. "I don't know sweetie, I know it's our anniversary, but I kind of just want to stay home tonight."

Boris shrugged. "Ok, if that's what you want, we'll stay in."

Sara smiled. "Really? You don't mind?"

"No, it's ok." Boris smiled back. In truth it'd taken weeks to get the dinner reservations, but that didn't matter to Boris, so long as Sara was happy - and the big grin on her face told him that he was on the right track.

"Thank you honey, maybe we can order in, or I could even cook for us." Sara smiled as she caressed his thigh. "That could be fun, right?"

"Yeah, sure." Boris said, glancing down at Sara's hand as it inched closer to his groin. Already he could see where this was going, and he suddenly didn't care about dinner any more.

"For desert I bought fresh strawberries and whip cream . . ." Sara let her voice trail off into a whisper as she grabbed his junk. "Maybe we should just forget about the strawberries and eat the whip cream off each other."

Boris inhaled sharply and his cock immediately stiffened as Sara began stroking his long member through his dress slacks. It'd been nearly two weeks since they'd had sex and Boris was ready to go.

"Or maybe we should cut to the chase and I'll whip up a special batch of your cream right now." Sara continued, cooing softly.

Boris didn't any more prompting. He tore at his belt buckle and shoved his pants and underwear down with one swipe. As soon as it was free, his hard dick swung up in to greet her, throbbing with excitement.

Sara wrapped her hand around Boris' meat pole and gave it a little squeeze, sending her boyfriend into a world of pleasure as she reached down and grasped the contents of his nutsac. His testicles were fat and firm in her hand, the size of hen's eggs.

Boris groaned as Sara gripped his big balls and gave them a hard tug. "Oh, these feel nice and full." Sara murmured as she rubbed the orbs roughly between her fingers.

"Yeah baby, it's all for you." Boris moaned.

Sara noticed the way his hips twitched involuntarily and she smiled. "Is that right? These are mine?" Sara asked, giving his bloated balls another firm squeeze.

Boris nodded his head. He was panting with excitement and his eyes were filled with lust.

Pleased with his eagerness, Sara grinned and while still holding on to his penis with one hand, she sunk her fist right in between Boris' soft tender orbs with a loud THWUNK.

Boris yelped and reached for his manhood, but Sara already had things well in hand.

"I don't want you popping off too early," Sara smiled, answering his unasked question with a tight squeeze to his big, tender nuggets. "It's been so long since we've been intimate, I don't want tonight to end before it starts."

Boris coughed and nodded slightly, despite the ache in his jewels. Sara never missed an opportunity to bust his balls, especially when he was horny. He hadn't been able to figure out why she liked it so much, but knowing that it turned her on made it worth it to endure the temporary discomfort, and though Sara's attacks on his genitals could be brutal, it usually paid off in the long run and made the sex twice as good.

But it still hurt like hell.

Boris inhaled sharply as Sara shifted her focus onto his large left nut and drove her thumbs into the spongy orb. A mischievous grin spread across her face and she giggled as pumped the fat gonad in her hand, leaving behind the tiny white imprint of her fingers into the pink flesh. Boris blinked his eyes and groaned softly, but he did nothing to stop Sara from having her way with his manhood and indeed, she continued to twist and knead his precious jewels for several long minutes.

She liked the sounds her boyfriend made when she had him by the balls, and she enjoyed experimenting - a twist here and a squeeze there resulted in a melody of 'Oofs' and 'Awhhs' that were music to her ears. When she finally let go, it wasn't out of concern for Boris' dropping sperm-count, but rather it was because of the cramping in her hands.

Sara rubbed her hands carefully and smiled back at Boris who was lying back on the couch looking grim and his forehead was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

"I'm going to go slip into something a little more comfortable." She said as she rose up to her feet.

Boris suddenly looked excited. He was eager to move things along, past the point where Sara was fixated on crushing his balls and closer to the point where he might get to bust his nut inside her.

He scrambled off the couch quickly, but the sudden movement sent his large, pendulous balls in motion and Boris winced as his battered manhood ricocheted into his thighs. "Hold on," he groaned, "I'll go with you."

Sara shook her head and giggled as she watched her boyfriend's two juicy plums flop between his legs and cause even more discomfort.

"Ah, ah, you'll have to be patient and stay here. I have a surprise for you in the other room that's going to make tonight very special." She said, reaching up on her toes to kiss him on the mouth.

Boris kissed her back as he felt the blood rush to his head and his cheeks flushed red.

Then, WHAM - in mid kiss, Sara lifted her knee right into Boris' eager cahones, unleashing a fresh wave of agony. Boris' entire frame went rigid and the seconds slowed down as the brief delay in pain worked it's way up to his brain . . .

Boris' moan was quickly stifled when Sara came back and sunk her foot into his crotch, crunching his big loose balls hard against his pelvis.

Time seemed to crawl to a stand still as Sara's foot lifted up between his legs and he suddenly noticed the red hearts on her pink fuzzy socks matched those on her pajamas. With fixed fascination, Boris watched those hearts get bigger and bigger as they got closer to their target, until finally they disappeared as Sara's foot collided into his testicles.

Then suddenly, searing pain struck Boris' brain like a bolt of lightening, causing time to rush back to normal. A low, guttural groan gurgled out of Boris' throat. His legs quivered and his knees met, and Boris doubled over.

Sara looked pleased.

"I won't be long." she promised, leaving him in the living room to tend to his bruised pride.

Boris had no idea how long she was gone and he was still nursing his nuts minutes later when Sara reappeared.

His jaw nearly hit the floor when she entered the room.

Apparently as part of her gift for their anniversary, Sara was dressed as a Catholic school girl, complete with a long sleeve white shirt and grey cardigan, an extremely short miniskirt, and white stockings that were knee-high. She'd even tied back her hair into two separate pig tails.

"Well, hello there handsome." Sara said seductively.

"Babe, you look amazing." Boris said, the pain between his legs already forgotten.

"Do you like it?" Sara asked, smiling at the way her boyfriend's penis suddenly leapt to life as he ogled her.

"Oh yeah." Boris said, quickly closing the gap between the two of them and wrapping his large muscled-arms around her.

"Hold on there, stud. I thought it might be fun if we role played before we get right to business."

"Really?" Boris paused and smiled as he considered the idea. "Ok, that sounds pretty hot, I guess."

Sara smiled. "I'm glad you think so. Now get over here and sit in this chair." Sara said sternly.

"What?" Boris asked looking confused.

"Get over here and sit in this chair right now!" Sara barked.

It took another second for Boris to realize that she'd already started the game and quickly sat down in the chair that Sara had been pointing to. He felt a bit odd not having a costume of his own, in fact he was still naked from the waist down, but at least he still had the dress shirt on that he'd planned to wear to dinner.

Boris watched as Sara pulled out a pair of white cashmere gloves and slowly pulled them on. "You were found just outside the door of the girls locker room after practice. What were you doing there?"

"No, um . . . nothing." Boris stammered.

Sara cocked her head and gave him a terse smile. "Don't lie to me boy, tell me what you were doing before you were discovered."

Boris' eyes widened as Sara traced her gloved finger across his thigh and grazed the shaft of his penis. The brief contact sent a shudder down Boris' member and he gasped. "I was waiting for someone."

"Waiting?" Sara asked as she slipped her fingers around Boris' thick Russian man-meat. "For who?"

Boris was at a loss for words, distracted by how amazing the soft material felt as Sara slid her hand down the length of his schlong.

"Don't bother making up excuses, admit it, you were there to peep on the girls while they changed, you little pervert." Sara whispered with a convincing amount of disdain. She lifted Boris' dick up and looking down at his bloated balls, she prodded his big left nut with a finger, pressing it hard into the soft flesh and gave the orb a light tap.

Boris' legs jumped reflexively. His balls still felt raw, particularly the left one that Sara enjoyed focusing on.

"You were being a peeping tom, weren't you." Sara asked, but when she got no answer, she gave her boyfriend's nutsac another firm tap.

"Yes," he gasped. "That's what I was doing."

"See, that wasn't so hard." Sara smiled as if she was pleased with his answer and suddenly returned her attention back to his cock, which she began to stroke in her hand. "I bet you had your hand down your pants too?"

Boris breathed in slowly while Sara teased his cock but managed to keep his head and stay in character. "No, ma'am."

"I told you not to lie, boy." Sara frowned, shooting him a look of disbelief and gave his large, left nut three hard taps that nearly sent him through the roof.

Boris grunted and sat forward in his chair. "No, I swear, I was only looking." He cringed.

"Maybe I believe you and maybe I don't, it's hard to say." Sara gave his ballsac a squeeze and lifted his cum-laden balls in her palm as if she were trying to guess their weight. "But . . . I suppose these do feel pretty heavy."

Boris said nothing as Sara continued to fondle his goods.

"Maybe you were planning to go back to your room afterwards and masturbate about the girls you were spying on."

Boris shook his head, "No - no, ma'am. I'd never . . ."

"No?" Sara asked as both hands were now working over his member. "But you know how to masturbate, don't you?"

Boris nodded his head slowly as Sara turned her attention back to his penis.

"There's no point to deny it, I bet you stroke yourself to sleep every night." Sara grinned as she punished his meat-stick with increased fervor, allowing the desire in his loins to build to the point where he could think of nothing else, and then - Sara knelt down close to his ear.

"You should probably ditch the creepy stalker routine and get yourself a girlfriend." Sara purred as she tickled and massaged the head of Boris' cock with her gloved hand. Boris' eyes widened as his excitement reached new heights as his dick became a steel rod.

Just a few more hard tugs and Boris' salty boy juice would be flowing freely, but Sara preferred to keep him on the edge and she knew just how to do it.

"You realize that if I told on you, you could get expelled, don't you?" Sara asked with her hands still gripping his shaft.

Boris shook his head slowly, as if in a haze - having momentarily forgotten they were role playing.

"Um, yeah . . . right. Please don't tell -"

He was suddenly cut off as Sara swung her hand between his legs and snapped it shut around his balls like a vice. Boris choked and coughed as Sara dug into his testicles. His legs and arms flailed, but Sara's grasp was iron strong and he wiggled like a fish caught on a hook.

"Shut up!" Sara yelled over his cries and gave his nutsac another twist for good measure. "I own your ass, now. You get that? From now on you're going to be my bitch, understand?"

Boris was stunned by Sara's sudden ruthlessness and must have taken too long to answer her, because a moment later Sara squeezed his nuts even harder, causing Boris' body to shudder involuntarily.

"Yes, YES!" Boris screeched, fighting desperately to save his nuts from being crushed between his girlfriend's wicked fingers. "Whatever you want!"

Sara's fury seemed to dissipate in an instant and she was smiling once again. "Good, now stand up for me."

"Why, what are you going to do?" Boris' voice quivered.

"Don't talk back! Just do as your told." Sara replied coldly.

Boris groaned and cupped his sore balls gently as he rose up from his seat. Sara slid the chair out of the way and cleared her throat irritably. Boris didn't need to be told what was expected and wordlessly moved his hands away from his crotch, giving her a clear view of his cock - which was still standing at full mass above his juicy danglers.

"Spread your legs, I want to be able to kick you in the balls properly." Sara commanded.

Boris' eyes widened even more, yet inexplicably, he found himself widening his stance until his ballsac hung suspended between his thighs, alone and vulnerable.

"Please . . . you don't have to do this." Boris pleaded genuinely.

Sara smiled and without delay, kicked her knee-high stocking-clad leg into Boris' dangling gonads. Boris' body jumped an inch in the air and he squared his jaw, but he did not slump or cry out.

Sara looked pleased, and let her foot fly into boyfriend's nuts again, and then again - each kick collided with Boris' juicy meatballs and produced a loud SMACK with their impact.

Boris grunted with each strike and he remained standing, but the pale look on his face showed that her kicks were taking their toll. His dick also began to show signs of losing steam, and while still hard, it was beginning to deflate and get in the way of Sara's kicks.

Sara was beginning to look a little flustered too. By now, any other man would be on the ground sucking air, but after suffering kick after kick, her boyfriend was till on his feet.

Sara puffed a strand of golden blond hair that had escaped it's pigtail and landed over her brow.

Then she got an idea.

Boris groaned, taking a moment to massage his battered balls while Sara disappeared into her bedroom and was back seconds later with something white wrapped in a plastic package.

"What's that?" Boris asked, looking intrigued.

"An anniversary gift." Sara said, ripping the plastic and pulling out a pair of white cotton of briefs. "Put these on."

Boris took the underwear and glanced at the Hane's brand that was stitched into the waistband. "Babe, you know I wear boxers." He said looking confused.

"I know, but put those on, and don't break character!" Sara scolded.

Boris looked at the underwear and back at his girlfriend, and then finally shrugged and pulled them on. The fit was snug, and it didn't help matters that he still had a decent sized erection, but eventually he managed to get them on.

Sara whistled wolfishly, elated with the way the stretchy white cotton hugged Boris' body and showed off all his assets with surprising detail. Walking up to him, she gently caressed his package and clearly defined nuts.

Boris held his breath and grimaced as Sara gave his trapped gonads a test squeeze. Then she slowly un-buttoning his shirt to get a better view of his muscular chest and abdomen, revealing a thin trail of red hair beginning at his navel and disappeared into the briefs.

Boris braced himself, remembering the painful knee Sara had planted in his crotch only minutes earlier as she pulled him down by his collar and kissed him . . . but the hit never came and his dick quickly hardened with renewed lust.

Boris became lost in her embrace as they kissed and Sara pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. His body yearned for her and he just wanted to rip her clothes off right there and throw her down on the couch, but it seemed Sara had other plans . . .

"You've been a very bad boy, and so, you must be punished." Sara stared back at him glaringly, suddenly returned to character.

Boris masked the disappointment on his face by quickly clearing his throat. "Yes, ma'am." He replied dryly. He was tiring of this game and his balls were aching, but one look at his girlfriend told him it was pointless to protest.

"Your bad behavior appears to have originate from down here," Sara shot him an evil grin, gripping the pouch of his briefs and gave the juicy orbs inside a long, hard squeeze, "and now that I've discovered it's source, it can be corrected."

Boris looked back at her nervously, hoping that Sara was suggesting they finally have sex, but his hopes were dashed just as quickly when she stepped back and asked him to spread his legs once more.

Boris grimaced, but he did as he was asked. With his hard erection stuffed off to the side in the tight-fitting underwear, his usually loose hanging nuts were held snug up against his body and clearly visible in the white cotton.

Sara grinned happily as she wound her foot back and let if fly directly into her boyfriend's amply displayed crotch.

Boris let out a loud "Ooof" and stumbled back. The pain was so intense it made it nearly impossible to breath!

Sara giggled and without missing a beat, sent another well placed kick into his poor balls, ramming them up into his pelvis.

Boris moaned, grabbing his crotch and sunk down onto one knee. His testicles were really beginning to throb now and the sensation to vomit began to grow in the pit of his stomach.

Boris winced under the sheer weight of the pain that was roaring throughout his lower body. Then suddenly it became clear why Sara had insisted on the wardrobe change. Her kicks hadn't nearly hurt as much as before because when he was naked, his balls hung loose and exposed and while they still got knocked around, their movement helped keep them from getting crunched too hard. Now that they were squeezed into the constricting briefs, his meaty nuggets were held firm in place - and with no where to go - they were getting consistently crushed between his body and the arch of Sara's foot.

Boris tried to stagger back onto his feet, but his legs would not cooperate. Sara soon grew tired of waiting and with a short running start, she swung her foot between her boyfriend's legs like a placekicker making a field goal, punting Boris' sore plums hard enough to lift him off the ground.

Boris screamed in pain and collapsed on the floor into a pile of misery. Hunched over in a ball, he moaned as he rocked slowly and nursed his gonads.

Sara bent down and rubbed his back, whispering words of remorse and encouragement as Boris tried to work through the pain she'd inflicted. She apologized profusely and after a few minutes, she offered to help. Perhaps if he hadn't been in so much pain, he might have been more wary, but he didn't hesitate when she asked him to show her his bruised balls - and the moment he lifted those pink, swollen orbs out for inspection, Sara immediately gave into temptation and slammed her heel down into them.

Boris squealed like a pig gone to slaughter as his baby-makers were flattened against his large, muscular hands and his body crumpled.

Sara's breathing quickened as she her body tensed for the orgasm that was building between her legs. The sight of her tall, strong boyfriend's balls looking so battered and bruised had gotten her so horny, she could hardly contain the feeling. Luckily, she didn't have to wait long, and when the release finally came, it rocked her body so powerfully that she lost her footing and fell down on top of her boyfriend's prostrate form.

When she recovered, she felt the moisture between her legs and realized she'd never been more turned on in her life.

After several more minutes, Sara got Boris back on his feat and laid him out on her bed. His balls had turned almost as red as his hair and bruised to the point that even walking caused tears to form in his eyes.

Sara curled up next to him, watching his chest rise and fall and listened to the sound of his breathing as her hands caressed his smooth torso. Then slowly, Boris felt Sara's hands reaching lower. His pace quickened and he looked terrified, but his fears were banished when Sara shot him a bright, warm smile as she reached for his dick and gave it a long, slow stroke.

At least that was still working, he thought grimly.

It didn't take long for Boris to get back into the mood and he was laying back against the pillows as Sara worked the shaft of his cock with one hand and fondled his big balls with the other, just the way she knew he liked. Despite all the pain that had been visited on his manhood, his dick quickly grew back to it's full height.

Sara smiled at Boris' thickening rod and without warning, she slipped the head of his penis into her mouth.

Boris lifted up off his elbows and moaned as his girlfriend sucked and slurped his dick as it became rock hard in her mouth. It only took a few minutes for his entire body to become rigid, eager to release his load - but instead of speeding up, Sara slowed down to a snail's pace leaving Boris tense and on edge.

"Hold on their stud, there's no need to hurry this." Sara cooed.

Boris groaned, sure that his balls had just turned a shade bluer as Sara pulled off her top, revealing her exquisite breasts and lowered her skirt before reaching for a condom on the nightstand. His cock twitched as Sara slid on the latex sheath, and once it was secure, she scampered on top of him and let out a sigh as she lowered herself onto his love-rod.

Boris had thought he was in heaven when Sara had sucked his cock, but being inside her felt even ten times better.

Together they thrust their hips back and forth in unison, and before long, Sara was screaming bliss with her second orgasm.

After a quick rest in which Sara used to catch her breath, they were back at it, pumping and thrusting as Boris fought to reach his own climax. It was obvious that all the 'foreplay' from earlier that night had taken it's toll on him. His balls still ached, but that discomfort was being displaced by his need to cum. Boris redoubled his efforts and shrugging off his typical restraints, pounded Sara's soaking wet pussy even harder.

The constant barrage proved to be effective as Boris felt himself inch closer to the release he sought. Progress was slow, but eventually he'd worked himself back to the edge - just a few seconds more was all he needed to fire off a fat, juicy load of his man-milk.

He was so caught up in his own head that he nearly jumped when Sara's screams pulled him back into reality. It took a few moments more to realize that his girlfriend's cries were not from pain, but pleasure, as her body was wracked with her third orgasm of the night.

Boris slowed his own pace. He was proud that he had given Sara yet another orgasm, but he couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy for not yet experiencing one of his own.

"Baby, don't stop, you're so close." Sara gasped. Reaching behind her back, she scooped up his tender nuts and began to massage them in her hand.

Boris moaned his appreciation for the added stimulation and went back at it, heaving and thrusting with increased exuberance, but as the minutes ticked by Sara slowly began to lose her patience and after a while, she started to squeeze his balls harder. As her frustration grew, her grip tightened until Boris could focus on nothing else.

Perhaps she had given up on him, or perhaps she mistook his cries of pain for moans of pleasure, but closed her fist around Boris' nuts even tighter, eager to help him reach his big finish.

The pressure in Boris' dick had grown intense and had reached the point of a dam that was about to burst. All the muscles in his body seemed to strain and his head began to spin, either because of the immense pain from the choke hold Sara had on his nuts, or from the long term lack of blood being diverted away from his brain and into his cock.

Boris fought hard to keep up his pace as the lights began to dim and shadows in the corners spread to the rest of the room until all had gone dark and Boris felt himself drift backwards into the darkness.

- Here is a fantastic sketch of Sara and Boris by Knave -


Anonymous said...

Wow, great tale BBmal ! I always prefer stories when the guy can tolerate a good pounding to his weak nuts ! That's why most fem-dom stories are dull and predictable...not this one. Keep up the great work. Reginald

bbmal said...

Thanks Reginald, I'm glad you liked it! This story is was meant to be teaser in anticipation of Knave's next comic which will be released at some undisclosed date in the future . . .

I wish I could say I was playing coy, but honestly that's all I know. Knave's been working on this project for a while, but he's played his cards close the chest - so I'll be just as surprised (and happy) as everyone else once the comic is released. What I can say is this, if you enjoy F/M ball busting, cock teasing, orgasm denial, and soft socks, then this will be the comic/story for you!

Sean said...

What is with the cliff-hanger ending? It didn't exactly resolve anything. What happens to Boris, or Sara for that matter? Are they committed, getting engaged, moving in together?

bbmal said...

Your right Sean, but this story was only meant to be a tease to get everyone ready for the comic! You'll just have to wait and find out what happens to Sara and Boris!