Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chronicles of a Cum Vampire: Episode 2

The steps creaked under Salem's feet as he passed into the catacombs under the abandoned church. The others had believed the trail had gone cold, but he knew better. He spent the last few days searching for quarry before he picked scent back up again.

He stopped at the base of the stairwell and sniffed at the air. Time and neglect had left the structure above on the verge of collapse, but the foundation remained intact. The basement reeked of must and dirt.

In his human form, he still retained much of the speed and strength, but confronting a vampire in his lair was dangerous. That is why Salem waited for the sun to rise high in sky above before coming any closer. But noon had come and gone, and time was running out.

Salem walked across the room to a door that looked like it had been recently opened. Testing it, he found it was locked from the inside, and reinforced. He pulled hard on the handle, twisting the metal until the latch gave way and broke in his hand. Throwing it aside, he grabbed the door and heaved with all his might until the hinges gave way, breaking loose of the concrete.

Salem slipped through the doorway and descended a second staircase. At the bottom, he could see the chamber was filled with the soft glow of candle light. Standing at the edge of the light, he stopped to listen for movement but heard none. Satisfied, he stepped forward into the chamber.

Darius had been alerted to the werewolf's presence moment he'd entered the church above and judging from the sound of his forced entry into his sanctuary, he was either very foolish or very powerful.

"Come." Darius called out to the dark figure in the shadows. He watched the man step forward into the light. He was rather short in his human form, perhaps 5"9', with a muscular chest and broad shoulders. He looked rather young, his slate-grey eyes and broad face were framed by thick eyebrows and a thin black beard that ran along his jawline. Wearing plain white t-shirt and jeans, he looked quite normal, which was anything but true.

"You are very foolish to enter my lair alone." Darius said, rising to his feet. "Why have you come?"

"I have but one purpose." Salem replied as he quickly scanned the room. "I have come to kill you," he growled in a low feral tone.

Darius laughed a long, hollow laugh that echoed throughout the chamber.

"You may try." The vampire hissed, his voice cut through the air like sandpaper.

Salem leapt toward Darius, his arms slicing through nothing but air as Darius stepped nimbly away.

"Tisk, tisk." Darius mocked. "You'll have to do much better than that."

Salem let out a loud wolf-like growl and charged back at the vampire, closing the gap quickly. He swung his powerful fists, but he failed to land a single blow. Darius' agility and speed was impressive.

Filled with frustration, Salem charged into his opponent, a mass of muscle and fury, and slammed his forehead into Darius' nose. A loud crack filled the room, and dark blood trickled down the vampire's mouth as he staggered back.

Darius growled, barring his fanged teeth. Shaking off the blow, his fist hammered into Salem's broad chest, knocking him half way across the room.

Salem gasped, sucking in long deep breaths and jumped back to his feet just in time to watch Darius' misshapen nose correct itself and heal before his eyes. Fear and desperation filled his mind. He'd never seen such a powerful vampire, even during the daylight hours, Darius' powers were too great. It was pride that had convinced him to go down their alone. He thought it show his honor to the others, but instead, the foolish mistake might lead to his death.

Rushing forward, Salem feinted to the left and launched a bone-jarring kick between the vampire's legs, smashing his groin. Darius was caught off guard, the force of the blow lifted him of the ground and doubled him over.

Seeing his opening, Salem charged again, launching himself at Darius, but he was ready for him. Using the werewolf's momentum to roll back, in mid-air Darius thrust his knee into Salem's crotch, crunching his nuts against the weight of his body and launching him back across the room.

Salem slammed into the wall and fell in a heap. He groaned, holding his groin.

"You should never have come here." Darius said as he walked over to the werewolf. Reaching down, he grabbed Salem by the neck and dragged him up to his face. Darius stared into his eyes, the hypnotic energies already flaring up in his dark pupils.

"You will tell me where the rest of your brethren are." Darius said in a dry, monotone voice.

Salem struggled to break free, his arms and legs thrashing. Werewolves could resist the charms of a vampire, but not indefinitely.

"Tell me!" Darius growled.

Salem stopped struggling and paused, looking deep into Darius' deep eyes. Then suddenly his hands shot between Darius' thighs, ripping and tearing at the vampire's testicles.

Darius blinked and his eyes bulged as Salem's strong fingers bore down on his ancient gonads. The sensation was unfamiliar, stirring up memories long forgotten. Centuries had past since the last time he'd experienced true pain, and its intrusion into his body was unwelcome.

Darius grabbed Salem's wrists and pulled the werewolf's hand off his groin. Salem let out a low growl and his muscles strained as his fist withered in Darius' grasp.

"That was bold, young one," The vampire murmured. "But ill-advised."

Darius' smile was wicked as he plunged his cold, clammy hand down into the front of Salem's jeans. The expression on the werewolf's face suddenly shifted to panic and winced as Darius worked his way down and seized his hairy balls.

"One ill-turn deserves another." Darius quipped, detecting a hint of fear in his enemy's eyes.

Salem snarled as Darius constricted his fingers around his scrotum and slowly crushed his nuts.

"Tell me where the others are." Darius demanded, twisting Salem's heavy ballsac.

Salem growled in pain.

"Never," he sneered.

A faint smile curled the edges of Darius' lips. "Oh, no no, my mongrel friend. Never is such a long time."

Darius acted quickly. Giving Salem's nuts one final tug, he whipped his hand back out of his pants and fired off a thunderous kick into the young werewolf's gonads before he could react.

Salem shrieked as his tender orbs were pulverized by the vampire's instep. Had he been a mortal, Darius' kick could easily have broken every bone in his body. He reached between his legs and whimpered, sliding down to the floor.

Darius grabbed Salem's ankles and pulled his legs apart, stretching the muscles in his groin. Salem groaned, fearing what was about to happen but powerless to stop it. Darius smiled down at him, his razor sharp fangs glistening in the candle light. Salem grit his teeth, but was unprepared when Darius finally stomped his foot down, grinding his hands into his testicles.

Salem cried out and slumped to the floor in a heap, desperate to protect his aching nuts.

Devoid of pity, Darius reached down and grabbing Salem's belt buckle and ripped open his clothing. Dark curly hair covered his chest and legs, meeting in the middle to form a thick mane of pubic hair that surrounded his genitals. His long cock and two huge balls dangled between his legs.

Pouncing atop him like a large cat, he grabbed Salem's thick shaft with one hand and his big, meaty balls with the other. Salem groaned as Darius roughly manipulated his manhood, squeezing and twisting the orbs inside the werewolf's bloated sac.

"Tell me . . . where are the rest of your brethren?" Darius whispered as he kneaded Salem's juicy plums.

"I don't know." Salem gasped and swallowed hard. Once he'd discovered Darius' true strength, he knew he was doomed. The vampire had simply been toying with him up until that point, but now that game was over he would be tortured and eventually killed. "I set out alone, two weeks ago." He croaked.

Darius stared at Salem, studying the movement of his face.

"I don't believe you." The vampire growled, sinking his fingers deeper into Salem's reddening orbs.

The werewolf howled in pain. "Please, I tell the truth! I swear!"

Darius let up on the pressure and stared into Salem's frightened face. Perhaps he was telling the truth. Werewolves rarely stalked their prey alone, relying on the strength of their pack. They certainly wouldn't send out a hunter that was so young. Though fully grown, Salem was hardly older than a pup, and a poor match to fight a vampire on his own ground.

As Darius massaged Salem's manhood, he was suddenly taken by the sheer size and weight of his massive balls. Bulging out through the tight skin of his sac, they were the largest the vampire had ever laid his hands on. Darius squeezed the heavy orbs, sensing the large reserves of cum that boiled within.

His hunger awoken, Darius decided he must drain every last drop of the young werewolf's semen. Salem's dick stiffened as Darius pumped the long shaft, the head was shiny and dripping with precum. Darius licked his lips as the scent of Salem's sweat and musk wafted into his nostrils.

Salem's pace quickened and his breathing became shallow. He stared up at Darius and for an instant, saw a flicker of glee in flash across his dead eyes.

"What are you doing?" He panted heavily, shaking his head. "Why?"

"Just lie still, and give me what I desire." Darius hissed as he steadily pumped Salem's rigid member.

Salem groaned as Darius worked his nuts through his fingers, groping and prodding the fat gonads to release their giant cum reserves. He felt his pace quicken and his heart pounded loudly in his chest.

What the vampire desired was obvious and at the moment there was nothing Salem could do stop him from taking it.

Darius' hand moved faster along Salem's growing cock while his fingers twisted and squeezed the boy's hefty plums.

A soft moan escaped Salem's lips, signaling that the end was near.

Darius tightened his grip as Salem's penis began to throb and closed his hand around his nutsac like a vice. Salem inhaled sharply, the sudden influx of pain was quickly drowned out by the euphoria that had already begun to build. His body tensed and his cock shuddered uncontrollably, eager to release it's load.

Darius bent down, impaling his mouth on the young werewolf's dick just as the first jet of white cream blasted forth from it's tip. Wave after wave, it fired in an unending barrage, filling the back of Darius' mouth.

Salem moaned as he released his sticky load. The vampire took it all, greedily swallowing the salty splooge. Tightening his grasp, he mashed Salem's beefy balls, extracting every last drop.

Salem screamed at the top of his lungs, desperate to break free, but Darius held strong. He wrung each gonad separately, and then together, ensuring the werewolf's balls had been thoroughly drained. Once he was satisfied, he licked Salem's dick clean before pulling away.

Salem whimpered, bending forward to massage his battered nuts.

Darius stood up and brushed himself off.

"You will remain here as my servant." He said in a dry monotone.

Salem reached up to touch his forehead where his temples throbbed. "You're servant?"

"Yes." Darius replied.

Salem looked up at him, wincing in pain. "What if I refuse?"

Darius shook his head. "Then you will die."

Salem held his bruised cock and battered balls. Naked, his clothes scattered across the chamber floor, he was in no shape to fight his way out, so what choice did he have?

"Yes, I understand -" Salem replied, then quickly added, "my master."

Darius looked pleased and exited the chamber, leaving Salem broken and battered on the floor.

- Darius is based on Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries -

- Salem is based on Tucker from Chaosmen -


Nicholas said...

Wow! You have a vampire, a werewolf, and ball busting. So that's necrophilial beastial ball busting. Cool!

An it's great to have a vampire get busted - you can bust him over and over and over.

Good job. Good chapter, above and beyond just stroke material. Do I detect an "Underworld" story progression?

bbmal said...

Thanks Nicholas! I'm actually pretty proud of this story line thus far.

I decided early on that I wanted to use Tucker from Chaosmen for this series, but I wasn't sure how. Then it suddenly dawned on me, his beard, thick black body hair, and huge nuts, he'd be a great werewolf! I really wasn't targeting the plot to any one vampire genre in particular, but I see where you could make the comparison to Underworld.

I'm still not sure where to take the series, but I think Darius and Salem will be making a return together. I'd be happy to take any suggestions for where the series could go next. I'm floating the idea of having Darius infiltrate a fraternity, so he can have a constant supply of young, juicy frat boys, but I still haven't worked it out completely.

Thanks again for commenting!

Nicholas said...

mmmmmm. fraternity BB. that's gotta be the best. I endorse that idea wholeheartedly. I can just imagine him convincing a whole room of frat boys to feed him their balls, not knowing they're under his spell.

Darrel L said...

Great story. I was imagining Taylor Lautner being the werewolf with the hairy balls :-)

bbmal said...

Thanks Darrel. Taylor Lautner would have been great as well. He was actually the first guy I had in mind when I came up with the story concept. In the end I decided it'd be better to chose Tucker here for Salem's character, but we'll probably see more werewolves in future episodes. ;)

Darrel L said...

LOL. Taylor Lautner is sooo hot...

Anonymous said...

This is AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

If a vampire who drinks blood is killed by a stake in the heart, then a cum vampire must be destroyed by busting his balls! Maybe in the next chapter Darius meets a vampire hunter who knows his weakness...

bbmal said...

Awesome point! I like it. I have a few more chapters in mind for this series, but Darius' cum draining days may be numbered. Perhaps it could end with a big finish, battle royale in which Darius is finally destroyed by having his own balls busted . . . permanently. Thanks!

WD said...

Great! Tucker from Chaosmen, unforgettable balls!