Friday, March 12, 2010

Jungle Adventure

This is a fun M/M BB story that was submitted by a reader.


Dave and Noah are on vacation. They've just graduated from high school. Eager for some excitement and adventure they decide to head into the jungle to see some ruins they've been told about.

The two of them have been the best of friends since kindergarten and grew up to be the two leading jocks of their school. Captain of the wrestling team, Dave was 185 pounds of muscle that dominated his opponents on the mat and made girls swoon over him. No one at school could rival his strength, or popularity except for Noah. As star of the football team, Noah was big and powerful, yet fast and agile on the field. Off the field, he had a harem of women who loved his bad-boy attitude and sexy appeal. Closer than brothers, everything they did was together. Their cocky natures made them feel invincible. Never thinking twice, they made their way alone into the wilderness.

The day is unbearably hot, the going hard, so the sight of some water glinting through the trees easily seduces them off the path to take a swim. At the lake's edge, they strip down and plunge into the cool water, splashing around like a couple of kids. Once cooled off, they climb back onto the bank and throw themselves down on the ground. Exhausted, they lay still as the sun dries them off and gently fall off to sleep.

Dave wakes first, glances over at his friend, smiles as he sees he's got a massive hard-on. He chuckles to himself and considers if he should wake up his friend. Then instantly everything changes. Out of the corner of his eye he sees something move. He turns and there's this gigantic spider sitting on a rock.

'Run,' he yells. But, too late. With sickening agility the spider springs, landing straight on Noah's bulging ballsac. The boy's still not fully woken up. He's only aware of something wrong, the spider's legs wrapping round his nuts. 'Fuck!' he gasps, as the spider's fangs penetrate deep into his tender ball-flesh. His screams are hideous. Dave watches frozen momentarily in horror as he watches his friend spasming in agony, semi-liquid feces erupting from his asshole, running molten down the back of his powerful thighs, as the unimaginable pain racks his nads, exploding upwards from his tortured orbs, to engulf his whole body, his whole being, in a flood of agony.

Dave hates spiders, fears and loathes them. But now, without thinking, he leaps to Noah's aid, grabbing the obscene creature, pulling it off him, flinging it into the lake, before bending beside him.
Noah strong muscular body twists and writhes about, his handsome face a mask of pain as he uselessly clutches his nuts. Noah is moaning as tears pour down his cheeks. It just hurts so much. He is oblivious to all but the raging fire blazing through his once proud manhood.

Next to him Dave is panicking, trying to get the cell phones to work. But there's no signal. Fuck! What can he do? What the fuck can he do. Should he stay? Should he go and look for help? Yes, that is what he's got to do. He tries to explain, but Noah cannot hear him now. Unable to take any more punishment, his body's shut down, and he's slipped into unconsciousness, although he's still moaning, and froth is spilling from his mouth.

Dave turns and runs, heedless of the briars and branches tearing at his naked limbs. But which way's the path? Wildly he looks around. He's lost. 'Shit! Shit! Shit!' he swears out loud. 'Help! Help! Help!' he begins to call, but there is no answer, only the monkeys chattering in the trees high above his head, like they're mocking him.

Behind him he hears a twig go snap. Spinning round he finds himself face-to-face with a group of men. They're natives, and they don't look friendly. Two of them are carrying guns, and they've all got knives. Dave holds up his hands in a gesture of peace. 'My friend - ' he gestures. 'My friend, please help. He's hurt.' The natives glance at each other then two of them step forward and his hands are bound behind his back with ropes of twine. Still Dave does not resist. He wants them - wills them - to understand he's not an enemy.

One of the natives slaps a gun across his back and grunts something. He guesses its an order to move. As they set off he tries to explain again. 'My friend. Noah. He needs help.' One of the gun guys swings round and slams the stock of his weapon hard into Dave's belly, just below his his navel. As he gasps and creases up he hears the man say something. 'Shut up,' he imagines. But how can he? Noah's in trouble. Noah needs his help. 'Listen, ' he begs. 'Please, listen to me.' The answer is another blow in the gut, this time to the balls. With a cry Dave drops, gagging to his knees, and the man smashes him across the face. A long harangue follows of which he understands nothing, although the gist is clear: do as you're told or else. Dave thinks that maybe he'll have a better chance when they get to wherever they're going. May be there'll be someone who speaks English. Maybe someone more reasonable. As the natives haul him to his feet he decides not to make any more trouble.

After a hike of about an hour they reach a village, nestled at the foot of a cloud-wreathed mountain. Dave is dragged before the natives' leader. The man addresses some words to him. Dave replies in English: 'Please. You've got to help. My friend. He had an accident.' 'You're American!' the man exclaims. 'A CIA spy!' 'What? Fuck no. We're tourists. On vacation.' The accusation seems too ludicrous to be taken seriously. The trouble is the native guy does take it seriously. 'Listen to me,' he snarls. 'I am not a bad man. I am not a bandit or a terrorist. I am fighting for the freedom of my people. So this is what we will do. I will give you until tomorrow morning to consider what you are going to do. Either you freely confess to being a CIA spy and tell us all about your mission, or you will be tortured. The choice is yours. Yvada.'

'No!' Dave yells as they hustle him away. 'Please, you've got to listen to me!' He's a muscular guy, on the wrestling team, and now he starts to struggle. But they outnumber him. There's no way he can stop them carting him away to a dirty hut. There his hands are untied. They've been so tightly bound that the circulation has been cut. Now the returning flow of circulation brings exquisite agony, although he scarcely notices as they sprawl him to the filthy floor. His entire life has become a living nightmare and all he can do is curl up and cry, weeping like a baby.

At last that phase passes and he seeks refuge in fantasy. Despite his captivity and the filthy conditions, his balls are sore and aching for release. The image of his best friend writhing on the ground in front of him flashes into his mind, but he forces himself to think of his girlfriend. Holding his swollen nuts in one hand, he begins to stroke his dick. Focusing his mind, he starts to picture her soft lips and the warmth of her mouth, her ample breasts and luscious nipples, her flat stomach leading down to her tight, juicy hole. 'Urrrgh!' With a cry he cums, the hot, sticky ropes of his man-juice spraying across his rippling abs, clinging in globules to his furry treasure trail. Exhaustion overwhelms him and he sleeps.

They wake him early. No breakfast. They take him to the leader. 'Well,' the man asks. 'Have you decided?' 'I'm not a CIA agent. I swear it. I promise.' 'You are being very foolish,' the man replies. He nods and Dave is tied up to a stake. Shouting and screaming he fights to break free, but it's impossible. He hangs there, panting, his whole body heaving, drenched with sweat. He's scared now, more scared than he's ever been in the eighteen years of his young life.

'We've found electro-torture works best,' his captor says. He nods again and Dave feels his heart go flipflop as a generator is wheeled in. Numerous cables run from it; to each one is attached an alligator clip. 'I'm telling you the truth,' he says, trying not to shake, trying not to cry. He's always liked to think of himself as a typical jock, hard and tough, but now all he wants to do is cry again and beg for mercy. But something stops him: the desire to appear strong and manly. One of the natives attaches a clamp to his nipple. He tries to stifle a scream: the pain is ferocious, nothing like he's ever felt before, nothing he could ever have imagined. The other nipple is clamped, then the sides of his belly button, his piss-slit, and last of all - separate electrodes are clamped to each of his balls. As every one of the clamps is attached Dave's pain is doubled, but this is the worst agony of all, an agony infinitely multiplied by the fear that he must now have been damaged for life, robbed of his manliness. Then the real torture began. This had merely been the prelude, and it was nothing to what now followed, the electricity ripping through him, making him feel that he was being eaten alive from the inside.

The worst of all is the pain in his balls, the big, dangling orbs of which he had been so proud. Above all the rest of his suffering he can feel them being destroyed: it's like a hundred red hot needles being driven through them time and time and time again. He's yelling now in total agony, not caring that he's crying, not caring that he's begging them to stop. All he wants is for it all to end.

Suddenly there's noise. Confusion. People running. The sounds of gunfire. Moments later strong arms surround him. American voices speaking words of comfort. He feels himself being untied, and falls forward into darkness.

- Dave is inspired by Buddy Davis -

- Noah is inspired by Mark Salling -


Anonymous said...

Cool story. Dave and Noah are hot. I like it when even animals get in on the ball busting.

Anonymous said...

Nice story. Damn, my real name is Noah. :D

Nicholas said...

lesson: don't go walking in a jungle without inspect repellent, a jockstrap, and a military escort.

bbmal said...

Yeah, I liked the plot twists in this a lot. It was also nice to put something up written with a different style. If anyone out there has a story they'd like me to put up, you should feel free to contact me!