Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Preview

I've taken the last few months off from writing new stories but now I am back on track. Thanks to all of you who showed continued interest in the blog. I should be posting my next story in the next week with more to follow. For now, I have attached pics to some of the guys that will be featured in some of the future BB stories. Enjoy, and keep posted.


Alex said...

That's great news! I can't wait to read a new story of yours!

bbmal said...

Thanks Alex, the first story should be up in a few days.

Anonymous said...

I want to see what happens to the guy on the right, he looks so cocky and so strong.

Anonymous said...

please write lots of m/m!

twonutbuster said...

This would be great, can't wait to hear more from you. I really hope to tell a story about the guy on the far right, he looks so cocky, and needs to have his balls put in there place by a girl. I love your F/M stories, and hope to read more in the near future, thanks.


bbmal said...

Thanks for the support guys. My work (and life in general) has been keeping me very busy for six months, leaving very little time to write. I have several stories in mind and in early drafts, so don't give up hope yet!

Anon. 1 and twonutbuster: The guy on the right is actually slated for a m/m story, but I plan to keep him around for a sequel (so you can expect some serious F/M busting in his future).

Anon. 2: I love M/M stories and have a few on the way, but writer block often sets in and I have difficulty coming up with good plots. If you have any suggestions, you should share them here or email me and I'd be happy to use them in future stories.

Thanks again everybody. The next story will be up soon (I promise) and will feature F/M story about the guy pictured in the middle. Enjoy, and take care!

EM said...

Great work man! My favorite story so far is definitely "Ruling the roost" I loved it!
E-mail me (knavebb@hotmail), we should get a story/ comic trade going :)


Anonymous said...

Come On! I've been waiting about 4 months to read about these guys getting their nuts whacked, esp the dude with the tattoo, I think he has the biggest set of testicles between his legs, and I want to see a girl hammer them good.

bbmal said...


Thanks for the offer! I'd love to do a trade, I think it would be great!


I hear you man. The next story I post will be with guy #3. I was planning to make it a M/M BB story, but since there seems to be so much interest for F/M, I will probably make the story contain both!

Thanks again,