Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eric and Jake College Buddies Series: The Slumbering Roommate

Eric was startled awake by someone pounding on the door to his dorm room. He lay in bed dazed for a few moments and wiped the sleep out of his eyes. The alarm clock next to his pillow burned a crimson red - it was just past 2 am. There was another pounding at the door. Eric got up and peered through the eye hole. His roommate Jake leaned against the other side of the door and apparently too drunk to let himself in. Eric groaned and opened the door.

"Hey, were you sleeping?" Jake slurred.

In the back light of the hallway Eric could see that Jake was still in his club clothes, tight jeans and a stained blue collared shirt. Jake was a handsome nineteen year old, he was had a tall, lean frame, short cut brown hair and warm brown eyes that made the ladies melt.

"Yeah." Eric replied.

"Sorry dude, I lost my keys," Jake said as he stumbled into the darkened room. Eric closed the door and climbed back into bed without answering. Jake was a nice guy and a good roommate for the most part, he just liked to party too much. It normally wouldn't bother him, but Eric didn't like being woken up in the middle of the night. At least he hadn't brought anyone home this time. Last week Eric had been awoken by the sound of Jake screwing some coed's brains out and didn't get back to sleep until they had finished.

Eric shut his eyes and waited for sleep to come. Sleep came sooner than he expected, but it didn't last long. A deep rumbling noise slowly crept into his dream and grew into a monstrous cacophony of sound. Eric awoke to find the source of the loud rumbling came not from his dream, but from across the darkened room. The alarm clock blinked 3:13 am. Jake appeared to be sleeping deeply, an amazing feat considering the loud gruttal tones that emanated from his throat.

Eric sighed and tried to settle back to sleep, but Jake's snores seemed to only get louder. After several minutes he gave up and tried shouting, but to no avail. Eric climbed out of bed and shook Jake's shoulder. It was no use, Jake was out cold.

In the dim light of the room Eric was just able to make out his roommate's sleeping form. Jake's arms and legs were splayed out on top of top of the sheets and he appeared to be wearing nothing but a pair of red boxer shorts. Eric could barely see Jake's muscular chest rise and fall with the rhythm of his breathing.

After living together for several months, Eric had developed a crush on his roommate. Jake of course was straight, so with no possibilities of romance, Eric resigned himself to stealing quick glances whenever he could. Unfortunately Jake hadn't turned out to be an exhibitionist, so Eric's chances were few and far in between.

Eric opened the blinds just enough to let a thing ray of light from the street lamps peak through to illuminate his roommate's sleeping form. Jake had been a jock in high school and had taken good care of his body ever since. Eric could see why he got so many girls, he had a tight body, cute face and nice personality to match.

Eventually Eric's eyes drifted to Jake's crotch, where even in the dim light he could make out the large bulge in his underwear. Knowing he would never get a chance like this again, he reached out and shook his roommate's shoulder, but Jake didn't stir. Feeling more adventurous this time, Eric tapped his exposed thigh and waited, but Jake continued snoring unaware. Eric spent the next seconds wondering whether or not he should go through with it, but in the end lust won out.

He very gently reached out and slid his hand over Jake's groin. The flesh below was warm and soft, and it filled out his underwear nicely. From what Eric could tell, Jake was a stud in every way. The thin cotton material left little to the imagination. Eric could feel every contour of Jake's long shaft and two fat balls. Slowly at first and then building up speed, Eric stroked and massaged his slumbering roommate.

Eric actually felt envy for all those women Jake had been with. Why should they be the only ones to get access to this stud's equipment? Eric tried not to dwell on those thoughts. Instead he focused on Jake as he continued to work his cock for several minutes until it was rock hard and straining against his underwear.

"That should give him a nice start on his morning wood," Eric thought to himself.

Eric was growing tired once again so he decided it was time to call it a night. He left his sleeping roommate with his boner and climbed into bed. He wanted to be awake when Jake woke up and discovered the hard-on Eric had given him. If he pretended to be asleep he might even get to watch Jake finish it off. Eric smiled at the prospect and waited for sleep to take him.

He waited a long time, but It didn't come. As the rush of adrenaline faded it was replaced by the loud drone of Jake's snores. Eric covered his head with a pillow and tried to shut it out, but it was no use. He looked at the alarm clock - nearly 4 am. He'd have to get up in another two hours and he needed to sleep.

Eric got out of bed and shook his roommate. He yelled at him and pleaded for him to wake up, but it was no use. It was amazing, there was no response at all. If not for the snoring, Eric would have thought he died. Feeling frustrated, Eric smacked Jake in his exposed chest. Nothing. He tried again, this time Eric punched his six-pack abs. Nothing. What else could he do? Eric looked down at the boner tenting in Jake's boxers and smacked it. Still, Jake did not stir from his drunk coma.

How could he still be sleeping? Eric had heard of deep sleepers, but this was rediculous! Maybe Jake was faking, playing some sort of practical joke. Eric didn't think so, but he couldn't be sure. Having exhausted nearly all his options, Eric reached between Jake's spread legs and smacked his crotch, catching the slumbering stud right in the gonads. Jake paused in mid snore and repositioned his head. His breathing became quiet and relaxed and the room was engulfed in silence. Unfortunately the lapse was temporary, moments later Jake resumed his deafening snore.

Having finally discovered Jake's snooze button, it was time for Eric to get some payback. He wrapped his hand around Jake's two heavy plums and gave them a tug - eliciting another short pause in snoring. Eric tried again and got the same result. He continued to tug and squeeze Jake's nads many times, but he made no long-term progress. Though effective, as soon as he released Jake's oversized baby-makers, the snoring resumed.

Eric was on the right track - he just needed to turn up the pressure. He slid his hand along the inner track of Jake's thigh, following the contour of his muscular leg all the way up into his boxers where Jake's tender testicles hung snug in their delicate sack. Eric cupped Jake's big juicy balls and rolled them between his fingers to inspect their shape and size. Wrapped in velvety skin, they felt soft, yet firm. He squeezed Jake's nuts into his palm, gradually increasing the pressure.

Whatever pain Eric was inflicting on his gonads, Jake didn't show a sign of it. Feeling flustered, Eric changed his grip so that Jake's balls were trapped between his bony fingers. Though not silencing him completely, the crushing force on his orbs seemed to stifle Jake's breathing enough to ease his snores. Eric grinned, pleased that his plan was finally working, he continued to squeeze the life out of Jake's balls with all the force he could muster. It would have been enough to stop a bull in his tracks, but it wasn't even enough to wake Jake. His bull balls were taking everything Eric could give them, and yet Jake continued to doze.

If Jake was truly unaware of Eric's actions, his dick was a different story. Having become fully alert and erect, it strained against confinement. Eric had always wanted to see Jake's cock fully erect, he wasn't about to waste a perfectly good opportunity. He reached into Jake's underwear and pulled the throbbing organ out through the fly of his boxers. Free and exposed, it sprung to life pointing straight up. Eric stared at it with awe, from tip to base the thick rod stood proudly at nearly 8 inches tall.

Eric squeezed the head and was rewarded with a clear stream of precum leak from the tip. Eric wondered, what if the reason Jake was sleeping restlessly was because he was horny? If that was the case, Eric had only made things worse up to this point by giving him a boner and crushing his nuts. He had no idea how long it had been since Jake had ejaculated, but he suspected he was one of those guys that let it build up all week for the night go out and hook up. Jake had come home early and alone, and probably full of cum.

Eric decided that the only way either of them was going to get a good night sleep was if he drained his roommate's nuts. He began to stroke Jake's shaft slowly, gliding up and down the length of his dick while he gently kneaded Jake's bloated balls. Jake seemed to respond immediately, his erection stiffened and his breathing steadied. Eric continued to work for several minutes, alternating his focus between Jake's stiff member and engorged sack. Sweat began to accumulate on his naked chest and his hips twitched, matching the rhythm of Eric's strokes. Despite his body's actions, Jake was still sleeping soundly, by all accounts having a sex dream of his own.

The room had fallen to silence as Eric worked furiously on Jake's erection. Suddenly his dick became rock hard and his balls churned - seconds later hot white semen erupted several feet into the air. Wave after wave of hot sticky boy juice was pumped out of Jake's balls and shot all over his chest, arms, and legs. Eric continued to jerk Jake's cock until every last drop of cum was expelled.

Having finally released their load, Jake's jewels felt softer and lighter than they had only moments before. Eric gave them one last twist and stuffed Jake's soft dick back into his boxers. Jake seemed happier too, no longer snoring and sleeping quietely.

Finally able to go to sleep, Eric looked back on his half naked roommate covered in his own sweat and spluge. It served him right, but Eric covered him up with a blanket before turning into sleep. He figured waking up with a pair of sore, empty nuts was enough punishment - it didn't have to get compounded by catching a cold. Crawling back into his own bed, Eric closed his eyes and listened to Jake's long, gentle breaths and smiled as he drifted off to sleep.

- This story was inspired by art from Jacob Mott -

- and Jake was inspired by this guy -


Alex said...

Great story, bbmal! I'd love to read more about Eric and Jake!

bbplayground said...

thanks for adding me to your list of blogs,

this story is great! I enjoy a lot the male to male stuff you're writing.

guy787970 said...

that was very hot

bbmal said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. I wouldn't mind writing a sequel to this one but I can't think of anything. Any ideas?

Alex said...

Well, what about this: Jake wakes up the next morning, his balls sore and empty. He is confused because he doesn't know why his nuts are aching, so he asks Eric. And Eric knows a way to make Jake feel "better" - fighting fire with fire...