Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Foreign Exchange - Part 6 - Best Laid Plans

Needless to say, Liam never made it out of the house that night for his date with Julie.  Her younger brother Paul had so thoroughly and viciously busted his balls, he was knocked out of commission and slept through the night half naked on top of the sheets.  By morning, Liam was snoring gently, his legs splayed wide open giving an unobstructed view of his half-hard cock jutting out under a bush of thick, curly red pubic hair and a pair of meaty balls that drooped heavily in their sac.

“Wakey, wakey Liam,” Paul whispered as he approached the slumbering teen, eyeing his exposed dangling fruit.

Liam continued snoring and blissfully unaware.

Paul carefully pulled Liam’s thighs further apart, making sure not to wake him as he knelt between his long legs.  Then he took aim at Liam’s balls.

“I said that it’s time to wake up!” Paul yelled as he dropped his knee into Liam’s exposed groin.

Liam grunted in his sleep and his manhood absorbed the blow.

Paul grinned and kneed Liam’s crotch again, making sure to catch both nuts and smash them against his body with a loud thud.

Liam began to stir, wincing and moaning in his sleep, but not before Paul’s kneecap found it’s way into Liam’s love-spuds one last time.  Connecting perfectly, Liam’s juicy nuts were rammed flat against his pelvis and flattened like pancakes.

Liam’s head snapped up and he yodeled like the lead soprano in an all boy’s choir before rolling off the bed and down on to the carpeted floor.  He was writhing on the ground, his hands buried between his legs, trying to ease the pain.

“Fuck man, really? Why?”

“Stay away from my sister.”  Paul sneered, “then we’ll be fine.”

Liam’s handsome face was contorted into a mask of pain.

“Fuck…my kids felt that one,” he groaned as he held his swollen ballsac. “If you don’t take it easy, I won’t be fucking anyone for the rest of my life!”

“Fine by me.”  Paul grinned.  “By the way, you’re going to be late to school.”

Liam looked at the alarm clock on the stand next to him quizzically.  He couldn’t figure out what Paul meant, it was till early - but the statement had had it’s intended affect and when Liam turned his head he’d dropped his guard.

With a running start, Paul kicked Liam’s nuts, catching both hefty plums and with his toes and rammed them into his crotch.

Liam let out a high pitched squeak.  His eyes crossed and he slumped against the floor in pain.


The rest of the day didn’t turn out well for poor Liam.  After arriving late to school, he’d missed math class and was assigned detention for a week.  Worse yet, he couldn’t stay focused during his lectures, and the pain Paul had inflicted in his manhood stayed with him throughout the day.  The slightest jostle, or even walking, would reignite a deep ache that seemed to reside deep in his balls and spread out to the rest of his body.

It wasn’t until 6th period that fortune seemed to swing in Liam’s favor.  He was supposed to be in gym class, but there was no way he or his testicles would survive all the bouncing and jumping around, so he skipped, and instead spent the period wandering around the men’s locker room.  Everyone was in class, so it was deserted, and the dank room smelled like a pubescent boy’s moldy boxer shorts.

Circling around the room, he discovered the door to the supply closet was ajar.  Inside there was mostly a bunch of sports equipment.  Old school uniforms, rackets, bats, and balls of every shape and size. Liam rummaged through a few of the boxes, but it looked like mostly junk.  Then he saw it, a used - but fairly clean looking - athletic cup. 

Liam grabbed it and looked it over.  It was a hard plastic shell connected to a few straps of a elastic.  Nothing too fancy, but it might help protect his nuggets from Paul…

Without another moment’s hesitation, Liam stripped off his pants and put it on.  The fit was a bit loose, a fact that was made worse since he was wearing it over his boxer shorts.

Scrapping that idea, Liam pulled his underwear off too and slid the athletic supporter back on, making sure not to pinch his cock or balls in the process.  The fight was better now, but there still seemed to be enough room behind the protected shell for his junk to flop around a little. But before he could adjust it further, the 7th period bell rang.

How could he lose track of so much time?

Liam scrambled to pulled his underwear and jeans and headed for the door.  Then, when the coast was clear, he slipped in with a group of boys heading out for class without being seen.

Thankfully the rest of his day went by without incident.  After detention, he stopped at his locker to swap a few books before heading home.  He must not have heard the sound of footsteps coming up toward him, because when he slammed his locker shut he was startled by Paul who was standing next too him.

“Hey there buddy.” Paul smirked up at him.

Liam swallowed. “Oh, hey.”

“I was just wondering how things were hanging.” Paul glanced at the taller teen’s package.

“Everything’s fine, thanks.”  Liam brushed his fingers through his red hair.

“That’s great to hear!  I just wanted to say…hey, wait, what’s that?”  Paul looked scared as he pointed at something behind Liam.

Liam turned to see what it was, but there was nothing there.  Instead, Paul used the opportunity to kick the Irish stud square in the crotch, his sneaker clad foot connecting with the heavy looking bulge in Liam’s jeans.

Liam reflexively reached between his legs, but he was surprised to find there was very little pain.  That’s when he realized - he was still wearing the cup!

Paul was waiting for Liam’s reaction, which he quickly decided to feign, grabbing his stomach and folding over.

“I just wanted to say, enjoy that walk home!” Paul laughed, patting Liam on the back as he left him there on hallway floor.

Liam waited until Paul was out of site before rising to his feet.  He scanned the hall before grabbed his crotch experimentally.  Despite perhaps a small bit of discomfort, his balls were still safely tucked away behind the protective shield of the supporter. 

He gently wrapped his knuckles against the hard plastic and smiled from the result. “Lucky I found this.”

Then he gathered his books and headed for the exit.


For the next few of days, Liam was comforted by the protection the athletic supporter provided him.  He got used to the hard plastic in his lap, and after a while, forgot it was there…that was up until the point Paul tried to kick or punch him in the nuts.  Liam always pretended to be in pain, ever fearful that Paul might discover that in fact, Liam’s baby-makers were hidden safely out of harms way.

Paul’s hot older sister Julie of course, was a different matter.  After she’d finally forgiven Liam for standing her up on their date night, there evening hookups resumed right under Paul’s nose.

Each night Liam would take his shower as he usually did, but on his way back to his and Paul’s bedroom he’d get pulled in to Julie’s bedroom.  They usually just made out while Julie played with Liam’s freshly cleaned manhood - just enough to get him horny - and then she’d throw him out.

It was incredibly frustrating for the red-headed stud.  He was swimming in teenage hormones and without relief, his balls were beginning to take on a shade of blue. 

Nonetheless, things were back on track and the two love birds had decided to take another crack at dating. 

They were going to the local movie theater that Friday night.

Liam’s time in the United States was getting short.  He had just a couple of weeks left, in fact - so if he was ever going to get the chance to nail Julie, this was it.  There date would have to go perfectly.

Liam did everything in his power to make sure it did.  He started by suggesting that the two skip dinner that night - wary that Paul would find a way to sabotage the evening the way he had last time.  Liam didn’t have a car, so they’d have to take the downtown line to the theater, but that’d be alright.  He’d even let Julie pick the movie - some new Rom-Com he’d never heard of. 

Everything was set for the big day.

That morning, Liam waited for Paul to go to the bathroom before jumping out of bed.  He quickly pulled out the hidden athletic supporter, gently stuffing his semi-soft cock and balls inside. This was no becoming no easy feat, considering all the foreplay had left him in a constant state of arousal.

He finished dressing and was down the stairs before Paul even returned, not wanting to give the younger teenage boy a chance to try to nut him before school. 

Liam grabbed a piece of toast and was out the door.  He had last minute homework to finish at school, he explained to a startled Mrs. Anderson.

Classes seemed to drag on more than usual, so by the time the final bell rang, Liam was made a beeline for the front door and didn’t look back.  A few minutes later he was standing in front of the bus stop and watching as the bus drove away.

It was a warm, sunny day, so he chose not to wait at the bus stop where he might encounter Paul, and instead he decided to walk back to the Anderson home.  By some miracle, he’d managed to avoid Paul all day and he wasn’t going to rock the boat now.

Liam walked over a dozen blocks before the Anderson home came in to view.  He didn’t see any cars in the driveway and had to use his key to get in.

“Hello?” He called out as he entered the house. “Anyone here?”

There was no answer.  Apparently he’d beaten everyone else back home.

He leapt up the stairs toward the bedroom.  Perhaps if he changed clothes for his date early, he could avoid Paul altogether before his big night.

Liam opened his closet and took out the blue button down shirt and tan khaki pants he’d picked out the night before.  He set them on bed and pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his pale, muscular torso and sniffed under his arms.  He could probably use a shower, but that’d increase his chances of running in to Paul, wet and naked.  Instead he decided it wasn’t worth it and reapplied deodorant, along with a generous portion of cologne.  Then he unbuckled his jeans and pealed them off his skinny legs, revealing a pair of striped blue and green boxers. 

Liam knew Julie preferred it when he wore boxer-briefs.  Something about the way they clung to his manhood seemed to make her happy.  Appeasing her could only help, so he pulled off his boxers and reached for a clean pair.

“Feck!  I almost forgot about the cup,”  Liam said as he pulled down the athletic supporter. His dick and heavy balls swung ponderously in to view.  They jiggled from side to side as he shifted his stance.


A disembodied fist drove through Liam’s long, skinny legs and smashed into his juicy danglers from behind.  Liam’s manhood swung wildly, slapping up against his pelvis and the poor red-headed boy groaned, bending forward.

He heard Paul laughing in fits behind him, just as the younger boy’s fist rammed into his nuts again, forcing his sac to bulge obscenely as his orbs were crushed against his cock.

“God…” Liam whispered, gently cupping his balls and fell to his knees.

Paul kept laughing. “It’s so much easier to nail your nuts when you’re not wearing that cup!” 

“You knew?”  Liam whispered, still holding on to his balls - but that didn’t stop Paul from kicking him between the legs, catching both meaty nuggets from behind and smashing them into Liam’s palm.

Liam whimpered and slid the rest of the way to the floor.

“Of course I knew! It’s not like you suddenly grew balls of steel over night.”  Paul grinned, staring down at Liam as he struggled to pull the athletic supporter back in to place, hiding his manhood once more.

“Hey Paul, now look-“

“Oh, don’t bother.”  Paul waved his hands before practically dragging the wobbly stud back to his feet.  “I get it.  You’ve got pretty weak nuts, actually.  I’m surprised you didn’t try something like this sooner.”

Liam cleared his throat as he stared into Paul’s grinning face.  He had several inches on the younger teen, but that didn’t stop the hairs on the back of his neck from sticking up.

“Problem is, that cup’s not going to help you this time.”  Paul whispered in Liam’s ear.

Liam could see where this was going, and rather than let Paul nearly neuter him again, he leapt into action.  He swung his fist at Paul’s head, catching a glancing blow and kicked Paul between his legs.

The younger teen grunted and bent forward.

“Oh, big mistake.”  Paul coughed, seeming to have shrugged off the blow, he reached for the cup, yanking it back before letting it snap back into place on Liam’s groin. 

A moment later Liam shrieked as the hard plastic shell clapped into his junk, causing the pale Irish hunk to grunt and bend forward.

“Cups are tricky to wear.  You always have to worry about them staying in place.”  Paul said as he pushed the heel of his hand against the shield, causing it to shift over Liam’s thigh and allowing his delicate cock and balls to flop out.

“See what I mean?”  Paul asked sarcastically and punched Liam in his delicate nutsac, driving his juicy plums into his body.

“No!” Liam howled and fell down onto his knees.  “Fuck man, please…I’ve got a date!”

Paul laughed and answered Liam’s pleas with a kick to the balls.

The poor Irish stud winced and his eyes crossed.

Another kick sent him crashing to the floor.

Paul grinned and yanked Liam’s ankles apart.

“No man, please… please no!  I need my balls to work tonight!” Liam cried in a higher, girlish octave.

Paul snickered as he pried Liam’s hands off his junk. “Don’t worry buddy, I’ll get ’em working right now.”

Liam’s mouth dropped open and he moaned as Paul rolled the stud’s dense orbs between his fingers and squeezed.

“Shit…no…please, not my nuts…anything but my nuts…”  Liam croaked as Paul roughly manipulated his balls. 

Paul kneaded Liam’s sack, pushing the two big, swollen orbs this way and that. 

Despite Liam’s pleas for mercy, his dick was rock hard and pointing up straight at the ceiling.  The more Paul poked, pinched, and squeezed the poor boy’s nuggets, the harder it got.

“Fuck!” Liam wailed as Paul twisted his nutsac.  His eyes widened as his battered balls were squashed by Paul’s strong grasp.

Liam’s cock shuddered.

“Oh no…please…stop…”

Liam almost sounded like he might cry. 

His dick was standing tall like a flag pole, straining to release the back log of sperm in his bloated balls. 

Paul chuckled.  “You want me to stop, huh?  Ok, fine.  We can work something out.  Just gotta do one thing first.”

The look of relief on Liam’s face suddenly disappeared as Paul ran his finger along the sensitive underside of Liam’s cock.

Liam seemed to suck up all the air in the room into his lungs and moaned.  “Oh, God no…no…”

“Oh yes, yes, yes!”  Paul laughed.

Liam winced and bit his lip as the pressure in his loins continued to grow.

The stimulation was too much to resist and Paul watched with glee as Liam’s heavy nuts were hauled up against the base of his quivering cock. 

The Irish teen moaned, sweating profusely.  It looked like he might blow his load any second, and yet, he appeared to be just holding back.

“Time to nut up, buddy.”  Paul grinned as he placed the heal over Liam’s tender testes.

“No,” Liam whispered through grit his teeth. He shook his head defiantly. 

Paul smiled and nodded his head. “Sorry, I think your future kids might feel this one…if you ever do have kids, that is.”

Then he jammed down on Liam’s pulsating ballsac, jamming it flat against Liam’s body.

Liam’s eyes opened wide and he shrieked as he was dragged over the edge.

A moment later, a giant glob of cum gushed out of Liam’s pink cock.  The burst of cream was so thick and white, it looked like the contents of a tube of tooth paste was being all squeezed out at once.

“Ooooh, yeah. Hope you weren’t saving that for anyone in particular.”  Paul grinned at the puddle of stud sludge he was creating.

Liam’s lips curled as his balls contracted against the sole of Paul’s foot, eagerly pumping the remainder of his sperm reserves out of him.  The forced ejaculation had left him physically spent and exhausted. 

“That’s it, all empty.”  Paul grinned as he twisted his heel into Liam’s freshly drained balls like he was putting out a cigarette. “Now you can have a grand time on your date with Julie!” he laughed in a mock Irish accent.

Liam grunted and looked like he might cry.

Paul smirked at his handy work.  Liam was nearly catatonic and his manhood looked bruised and beet red. 

The Irish stud only moaned.

With that, Paul brought his leg back and kicked Liam in the nuts as hard as he could.

Liam cried out, grabbing his balls as he bucked and he folded over.

- Liam is based on Carl from Chaosmen -


Anonymous said...

Haha. Well at least Liam made an effort to go after Paul's nuts. Too bad it wasn't very effective.

Anonymous said...

Man, each time I keep hoping Julie will come to the rescue, partially cuz its the F/M that i'm into but also cuz Paul is just a royal dick. Yeah at least Liam got one hit in on Paul's nuts.

Anonymous said...


This was such a great part of the series! And I agree at least Liam got to hurt Paul's balls once. I am so hoping that Liam crafts a great revenge plot and gives his step (kinda) brother balls a good beating. Time for Paul to get his!

I'm loving the dynamic between Paul and Liam and I look forward as always to your master pieces!



Anonymous said...

I suppose I'd like to see Liam manage to get his night of awesome with Julie. Maybe Paul tries to get him, but Liam is prepared and puts him out of commission, a couple of nut shots and then tie him up for the night.

I'd then want to see Paul freak out and make it a mission to RUIN his balls. Maybe he won't succeed, but I imagine the flight back to Ireland will be really uncomfortable if your balls have been punched and punted until you pass out and then until you wake up and pass out again. Presumably Liam would be tied up too, and the house would be deserted to allow as much carnage as possible to take place. Maybe he even invites a friend over to help.

However this continues, it's awesome :)